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Our visit to Bhutan took our breath away

Kuzuzangpo La,

Thank you for the time in organizing our trip and answering our queries patiently.

Our visit to Bhutan took our breath away. Not by the air of the altitude but by the clear blue skies, the carefully preserved mountains, the richness of the culture that is deeply build on Buddhism and the warm service rendered during our stay.

The experience would not have been possible without our guide, Kuenzang Tshering and our skillful driver Passang. Passang's driving made us feel safe as the mountainous hairpin curve leads to another, to another, and to another. Kinza, our guide is highly knowledgeable about Bhutan's history & Buddhism. He exemplifies the practise of the religion which makes our understanding of the country beyond the superficial level.

He was attentive to our various needs and requests. He ensured that we get our proper nutrition every meal by making arrangement with the kitchen for our dietary restrictions.

He has gone beyond the call of duty on several occasions such as helping us to hang the prayer flags (which he made sure has been consecrated) at a challenging terrain and personally making the selection of our purchase of chilli, to ensure that we get a good produce.

He has applied his knowledge & conviction in all that he does, going the extra mile to make sure that our time in Bhutan is spent wisely. His open, warm & good natured personality has won our friendship. Kinza deserves a big shout-out and thank you 😘

We will highly recommend our friends to plan their Bhutan trip with Drukasia!

Log Jay Gay
Pat Quek