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Outstanding Visit to Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

Our trip to Bhutan was outstanding! Our guide and driver, Jigme and Tshering, met us at the airport as planned. They said the had also come the previous day because they had not heard that our flight was delayed. We began the tour right away, which we appreciated. Tshering is an excellent driver and we felt very safe with him at the wheel. Both our guide and driver were always polite and accommodating, willing to answer our questions or make a stop if we requested (we rarely requested).

Overall positives:

1. Hotels were very nice, although Metta was not within walking distance of anything. We like the Norbuling the best.
2. Guide and driver were informative and conscientious
3. Car was comfortable
4. We saw a lot but never felt rushed
5. We really enjoyed seeing the archery and would have liked to have seen more and maybe take a lesson
6. Guide was always willing to take pictures for us

A few thoughts on things for Druk Air to consider:

1. The itinerary said we would be loaned traditional dress to wear at the festivals. I saw other foreigners wearing it at the first festival and asked Jigme about it. It sounded as if he had forgotten and he did have clothing for me (Carole) for the second festival. However, Jigme said that he did not think they had any clothing that would fit Tom. I thought this was odd, considering I saw men larger than Tom with clothing, so it must be available. This is not overly important but it was disappointing, as I felt perhaps Jigme may not have tried very hard to satisfy this part of our itinerary.

2. When we were ready to leave the second festival in Paro, Jigme could not locate Tshering and we had to walk from the festival to our lunch restaurant.

3. While the food was good, it was almost the same each day for both lunch and dinner. It might be nice to have some variety or at least give some options on other places we could go, even if we had to pay.

4. Our flight to Paro was via Kolkata. Even though we stayed in the airport in Kolkata to wait for the Paro flight, India required that we have a visa! Fortunately, we had gotten one for a different purpose (to use on the return trip for a short city tour of Kolkata). We had to use the one meant for the end of the trip at the beginning. Since it was a single-entry visa, we had to figure out how to get another before returning to India. It would be helpful if Druk Air would let customers transiting through India know that they need an Indian visa to simply stay at the airport and wait for our flight.

5. The highlight of the trip was the hike to the Tiger's Nest, which was spectacular. We had a beautiful day and were very excited that we made it and got to see some of the temples at the top. It was too bad that we had to miss a day of the tour due to our flight problems, but we managed to squeeze in a few things from that day later in the trip. We will recommend Druk Asia, as we were very satisfied with our experience. We appreciate your assistance in re-booking our flight when we missed our connection.

Thank you for helping us have such a memorable adventure!

Kind regards,
Carole Fenton