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Perfect Trip in a Wonderful Place

Kuzuzangpola :)

Thank you and DrukAsia for arranging the Bhutan trip for me. I really enjoy the trip. That's why I still think that 7 days are still not enough to visit Bhutan and most probably I will make another visit again someday :)

My guide, Sherab is knowledgeable and explains a lot of things about Bhutan. So, it was not only a holiday for me, but I also learn a lot of new things, such as the culture, Bhutan history and many more which I love to know.

My driver, Dorji is an experience driver and he always drive very safely. They both are so funny, friendly and helpful. We always shared some stories each other, some joy and laughter together during the trip. I didn't feel that they were only my guide & driver, but they also become my best friends during my trip.
When I travel alone, I didn't feel lonely since a met a lot of new friends / other travelers there also during the trip. It was a good experience.

I just a bit confuse on the first day I arrive when it was raining and Sherab looks confuse. I thought he may show me somewhere, such as indoor activity to avoid the rain, but instead of that he sent me to hotel so early. But it was ok, since I was too tired also.

Overall, it was really a perfect trip in a wonderful place. Anyway, I will write the review on the facebook page when free.

I have sorted out some of the nice photos. Please find and feel free to use it for your purpose.


Best Regards,

Julianto Tan