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My perfectly organized impressing Bhutan trip

Dear Eve,

Very sorry for the long delay in responding. However, it were difficult times, and I am still far behind with everything since my return.

First of all the trip was perfectly organized. I couldn't criticize anything. Ugyen Tshewang was a great guide, very knowledgeable and kind and cared so well for me. When I had any extra wishes he tried to fulfil them. And I enjoyed also his company at lunch that I didn't have to eat alone.

When something went wrong - for example when the car broke down - he and the driver Thinley tried everything to get a replacement as soon as possible for me. They were extremely busy with that and successful. I have never experienced something like that before.

Perhaps their job wasn't too difficult altogether, as Bhutan is such a wonderful and fantastic country, where things seem mostly perfect. Summed up, despite the shortness of time it was one of my most comfortable, relaxing, though deeply impressing trip. I appreciated the two careful drivers Thinley and Kandu particularly Kandu was even like a second complementary guide.

The hotels were mostly also perfect. I was never cold in the evenings because of their well working heaters, quite a pleasant surprise. Particularly I enjoyed the new Drupchu Hotel in Punakha with home grown and made food, so carefully prepared, delicious.

My only minor criticism would be on the Metta Resort, though things are well, at least the room I had, might want some renovation compared to the perfectness of the other hotels.

I am attaching a photo, and in case you like it, you can share it.

With best wishes and many thanks for all the speedy and perfect organization