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Sublime (Spiritually Enriching)!

The overall trip is great and one word that can best it was Sublime (spiritually enriching)!

Some detailed comment's:

1. Driver Thingley is an excellent driver. He drove with much caution and manage the rough road very well. All my team mates were very happy with his service. He even get out of his way to help the elder during the hard climb to Tiger Nest. He is witty, funny and take his job seriously and look after his customer, he is service is simply superb.

2. The Guide Jigme for me and my team think is only average. First he is not knowledgeable of the history of the Dzongs and finer details of the temples. Many time he will ask the lamas on the details. he claimed to be a guide for 10 years and yet my observations of him is that his knowledge is quite limited. He won't say much unless being ask. If I am to compare him to Tobgay the other guide of the bigger group (Roger Lim party of 17 pax) Jigme performance is lack luster.

3. Hotels. Rinchelling Hotel In Bumthang is the worst! Room are not clean , in fact one of my team had bad insect bites now she is seeing a doctor for treatment. Food is bad on the first night we arrive around 7 pm, we were offered cold food and was asked to wait as there are not enough plates to be used. Hot water in the rooms are not sufficient in fact one of my team mates had to take cold shower for three night. When we asked the owner of Rinchelling about this he was adamant and insisted that there are 100 liters of hot water allocated per room. My own room shower is not working! As for check in as we are all part of the big group they wrongly allocated our rooms and insist that some of the team mates wait for the big group to arrive to be able to check in, for me this is simply absurd and it took me 40 minutes to settle this. This prompted me to inform Jigme (our guide ) to switch my team to Village resort hotel all because of the poor service and unprofessionalism of Rinchelling Hotel. I will not recommend Rincheling hotel and will rate it poorly in the blog.

4. Food is not so good in the places we stayed. I supposed the cuisine does not appeal to me.

5. Van is good with an excellent driver, despite the poor road network as mostly all are under road works.

6. Dzongs, temples and monastery are all breath taking all deep in history and what fascinates me most are they are all well preserved and clean.

Hope these comments helped, the only show stopped is the poor service of Rincheling Hotel in Bumthang.