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The most memorable countries (of my list of 179) to visit.

Greetings Namgay: I'm delighted to report that while Bhutan was the 179th country I have visited in my 80 years of living on this planet, that it was certainly one of the top 10 in pure enjoyment and interest. I loved the place. And mostly because my guide, a young man by the name of Chimi Rinzin, was the perfect match-up. He was highly educated in the history and culture of his country. He was always prepared to answer my endless questions with both accuracy and wit. He made me feel part of the family rather than a mere tourist. As I mentioned, I am no stranger to foreign countries, but Chimi made me feel like I was a relative coming back home from a long journey. My desire, at my age, to climb to the Tiger's Nest, could never have been achieved had it not been for his guidance and endurance. It was a great victory to me to make it up and back and that is thanks to young Chimi. Please give him my best regards.


I worried deeply about not having received my visa so went to the Delhi airport three hours ahead of time and there, both Ms. Anusha and Mr. PK, were on duty and managed within a few minutes to get the visa sent to my phone and then all was well. The plane ride to Paro, and, yes, I was on the left-hand side, was simply one of the best in the world. Full sun and the Himalayan Mts spread out in a perfect row.


Needless to say I was astonished, when checking-in on my return to Dehli, to find I was in Business Class. What a treat! And how thoughtful of you.


So, many thanks for all you have done to make it one of the most memorable countries (of my list of 179) to visit. I am telling everyone here they MUST add Bhutan to their travel plans.


All the best, E. Timothy "Tim" Carroll