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The Most UNFORGETTABLE Trip Of My Lifetime

This is the most UNFORGETTABLE trip of my lifetime. Barely a day I spent regretting there. The moment i stepped in Paro, all my worries and tiredness (been travelling quite a lot before landing Paro) all vanished. The air is incredible. but hold on, the Bhutanese have stolen my heart away. Sherab Thai (guide) and Sonam Tshering (driver) had treated me with kindness and graciousness throughout. I have regarded Sonam like a father i never have and Sherab, a friend and brother who have shown great professional knowledge in everything!

It is the 3Hs--> humility, Humble-ness, HOSPITALITY that made me cried on my day of departure. I could not bear to leave them. I should have opt for 2 weeks stay in the Land of Thunder Dragon. I have made new Bhutanese friends (other than my guide and driver) like other guides and drivers as well from other tour groups. I love them all.

I have donned the traditional KIRA and managed to learn to tie/wrap the correct way with the help of hotel staff and kind shop owners along the way. i will be eternally grateful for them. I have made friends with lady boss of restaurant by chatting up about alcohol served in Bhutan. I have felt true warmth of the Bhutanese people. Therefore, it broke my heart to leave this gorgeous landlocked country.

Another thing i have taken away is life lessons. Because Bhutan is steeped in Buddhism, it has subtle yet poignant impact on my life. I came here mentally wrecked but my soul was slowly being healed as i re-learn about meditations and buddhist beliefs. I felt changed when i left Bhutan. My soul is being revived in a different way. I felt I have come home. I never felt homesick when I was in Bhutan because my guide and driver have treated me like family, that we should care and protect each other.

Sorry for the lengthy email! The words came out overflowing because all i have for Bhutan is eternal gratitude. :)

I wanted to come back during my next leave which is in mid-Jan. i know it is winter but i love low tourist season, lesser people.

I also would like to know is there any way I can obtain my own Kira here. I really love it and i regret that i did not get anyway when I was in Paro/ Thimphu. I would LOVEEEEE to have my OWN traditional kira (NOT the ready-to-wear kind. I only want the kira that has strings/like the complimentary light green set). Do you know where I can buy Ara in singapore? Or any Bhutanese food places--> ema datshi?

I will be visiting the office soon to chat more about my next trip. I wanted to request for my guide and driver if possible?

Kindest regards (and apologies for the long essay..!!!),

Jing Yu