The warmth and friendly Bhutanese
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The warmth and friendly Bhutanese

Hello Joni!

We are very fortunate to have experienced this once in a lifetime trip to Bhutan. Actually, our friends have become interested in knowing your country more because of our picture posts in Facebook. Also, we came to know that there are very few Filipinos like us who get the privilege to travel to Bhutan and experience the warmth and friendly faces of the Bhutanese people amidst the cold crisp air. We hope that someday we will get to experience Bhutan once again when the flowers and trees and in full bloom so that we can see the more radiant side of the country and take more beautiful pictures of the country's picturesque landscape. We enjoyed the accommodations, too, as well as the healthy foods served to us.

We thank you organisers for giving us this opportunity. Our profound thanks to you all.

  • Kriz John Rosales

    February 2014
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