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Tour to Bhutan accompanied by excellent guide and driver

Dear madam or sir,

At the end of the month of April 2015 we had the pleasure to visit your beautiful country.

During our stay we were accompanied by Miss Tshering Pelden (she was our guide during the whole trip) and Mister Ugyen Tenzin (Shanpoo) as our driver.

We are a couple of very well experienced travelers and we have visited a lot off countries all over the world. Never did we have a guide and a driver as capable as them during all of our travels.

Tshering made it possible for us to enjoy Bhutan at its best. She was very attentive to our wishes. Especially towards meeting the people in your country. We have exchanged a lot of thoughts about the way of life and were invited to the most special places Tshering knows. This all was shared very open-minded and with the greatest respect towards us as well as to the people and places we met. The way we were treated by her made us feel right at home in Bhutan. There was never too much nor too little knowledge to be shared. Which means that the information she provided us with was always appreciated. We were impressed by the knowledge she had on every item we were interested in. (culture, nature, people, politics, history, religion, etc.)

Riksja Travel Netherlands informed you that there was a back-problem with one of us. It looks like on that knowledge Shanpoo was added to us as our driver. During the whole trip, over sometimes very bumpy roads, I never experienced any discomfort while driving. During the whole drive through your country, we never felt insecure or were frightened.

This was surely one of the most comfortable drives ever, even though the condition of the road on that time wasn't very good. The van was always in a clean and well-organized condition. We got to know Shanpoo as a very friendly, correct and open minded person, who was always busy making our stay as pleasant as possible.

In all, we are normally not the kind of people to give special recommendations about someone, but in this case the praise to these people is well deserved.

Despite all of this, there is an improvement to be made. In the hotel in Paro, it was not possible for guide and driver, to have lunch, or even a drink with us in the hotel. We would have appreciated this very much, because here we could have taken time to review the trip at the start and end of our travels. We always had to leave the hotel to meet with our travel-companions, because they were not wanted in the hotel! We are sure that most travelers would like the opportunity, to meet with guide and driver at the start and the end of the trip, without leaving the hotel. In most hotels it was possible to have a meal together with driver and guide and we were very happy about that. But, to our regret, in some of the hotels this isn't possible.

We surely hope to visit your country again and if it is possible in any way, we would like to have Tshering and Shanpoo as our travel-companions again.

Yours sincerely,

Conny Bijdevier & Léon Graat