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Unforgettable and most memorable Vacation

Dear Ugyen & staff at Druk Asia,
We just got back to Singapore from our Bhutan vacation yesterday. It was truly a wonderful vacation for me and my family.

Indeed Bhutan is an amazing country with breath-taking Himalayan mountains, splendid rivers and waterfalls and pristine environment… it also has a very rich Buddhist history and culture… and most importantly its people are very friendly and happy.

Our tour guide, Ms. Passang Lham was really exceptional. She was not only very friendly, energetic and enthusiastic in showing us her country but also very knowledgeable as well as a very fun and enjoyable person to be with. She was also most flexible and accommodating to our requests. 

Mr. Zhang Po who was our driver was very helpful and hardworking. His driving skills throughout the period and especially along the small winding, steep and, at times, risky roads were excellent. Not only did he performed his driving duty very well, he went the distance to ensure that we were enjoying ourselves and safe. For examples, he would pull over to the road side to show us small but interesting things like eagles and other wild birds and introduced different wild mushrooms to us while trekking up the Tiger's Nest with us. He even carried my backpack trekking up the Tiger's Nest!

Finally many thanks to you (Ms. Ugyen Dema) for your excellent service in attending to all our queries prior to the trip. You have been most efficient and responsive.

Once again, many thanks to Passang, Zhang Po and Ugyen, our Bhutan vacation has been an unforgettable and most memorable one… one of the best so far… 😊. Wishing all of you the best and great happiness.

Tashi Delek!

Best regards.

Koh W K & Family