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We Truly Found Kindness, Peace And Happiness In This High Altitude Country

Kuzuzangpo La

It is quite regrettable to learn that my elder daughter is among the least travelled within her peer group. In January this year I made her a proposition to visit Bhutan together after finishing her 'O' Levels examination in December and at that time Bhutan is merely an unfamiliar geographical term to her. Choosing Bhutan is to let her have a unique travelling experience different from the mainstream in addition to learn the Bhutanese way of being the happiest people in the world.

We started falling in love at first sight with the beautiful landscape and architecture out of the aircraft window before the landing when the plane flew within a very close distance to the mountain range, puzzling if we were in Kolkata but finally learned that we have arrived about an hour ahead of schedule. From far we can see the snow cladded Himalaya Mountain Range.

Both of us were well received by the Druk Asia tour guide Yeshi Dorji and the driver Jit Bdr Mongar who throughout the trip offered us their very best service. And thanks to them we have experienced the hot stone bath only available no other than Bhutan and had a good dinner at an authentic Bhutanese farm house with the hospitable locals in Paro. We were brought to two extra-itinerary locations - the Takin Preserve in Thimphu and Simtokha Dzong when we reached Paro.

We believe we have chosen the right season to visit Bhutan in which the weather is considered moderate even in the winter, all tourist attraction spots are not overcrowded and more importantly the photographs were taken with perfect brightness and colour saturation.

The hotels arranged to us are more than satisfactory especially the Zhingkham Resort located at the hill top overseeing the Punakha Valley and the Punakha Dzong. Food harvested from its own land is made simple but hygienic, healthy and savoury. The cleanliness of the air is hardly found in our part of world.

In general we found Bhutan preserves its rich culture, tradition and architecture very well. Save for the commonly used English in every aspect of the Bhutanese daily life, we hardly see much foreign intrusion and influence in the country. I believe Buddhism teaching has been deeply embedded into the Bhutanese life which is reflected in kindness, friendliness, peace and obedience; though they are not materially affluent but spiritually abundant. The houses are built without grille and fence which manifests that crime is very uncommon. When most new generations have abandoned their traditional clothing, most Bhutanese are still proud of their own traditional cold bearing gho and kira.

There should not be question about why Bhutan is called "The Last Shangri La" on earth as we truly found kindness, peace and happiness in this high altitude country.

Bhutan, Nga Che Lu Ga.