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A very nice week in Bhutan; hike to Tiger's Nest


We are back in Saigon; all good. VERY nice week. Some comments:

· Sad that the guide (KP) have to leave Wednesday, so we only had the driver on the Thursday (Tiger Nest day). Understand KP had family issue, something with the sister dead. No problem for us.
· I do think the program for the days could be a little longer or maybe just us been too fast.
· Too much driving, but not possible to change – we all do understand, it is Bhutan
· Local food is good, but we got a lot and little too much – so no more Chill Cheese
· Guide was VERY good and his knowledge, just fantastic. English easy to understand
· Driver, English not good and difficult understand, but a VERY good driver which is VERY needed. We did feel “safe”.
· Hotels fine, and naturally very different – the Uma the last 2 days, just perfect.

See some photos Attached