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Trip Report - Drukpath Trek

Julia Horton traveled with Druk Asia in November 2010. She attended the Black Neck Crane Festival in Gangtey and completed the Druk Path Trek. Her writing was published in Geographical, CNNGo and A... Read More »

Trip Report - East to West

Fionna travelled to Bhutan with Druk Asia in November 2011. She spends 13 days in Bhutan and was guided by Chenco Bull. Chenco is a full-time guide with Druk Asia.
 21 May 2011
 Going to ... Read More »

Trip Report - Filming ABS-CBN

ABS CBN traveled with Druk Asia for filming its latest drama series entitled, You’re Always in My Heart. ABS CBN has just completed its first trip and is planning to return to Bhutan for the s... Read More »

Trip Report - Raffles 2011

Druk Asia co-hosted Raffles Institution from Singapore with Druk Holding & Investment (DHI) in November 2011. The trip is part of DHI’s education exchange with Singapore Ministry of Educa... Read More »

Trip Report - Samtengang Trek

Gilda travelled with Druk Asia from 26 November to 4 December 2011. She completed the Samtengang Trek in 2 days. The following is an excerpt from her trip report. The highlight of my travel in... Read More »

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