Dobji Dzong

Landmark in Bhutan

Dogar Dobji Zhong is considered to be the first model Dzong in Bhutan. The name Dogar, which means white border, is a reference to the “Five White Bolders” in the village of Dogar. The Dzong as built in 1531 by Ngawang Chogyal, the brother of Chojie Drukpa kuenley, who is popularly known as the “Divine Madman”. Legend has it that Ngawang Chogyal has followed the spring originating below the throne of jetsun Milarepa in Tibet. The source of the spring was found to be a rock located on the current location of Dobji Dzong, which was then chosen for its religious significance.

The mentioned spring is still visible today. However, a massive earthquake destroyed much of the Dzong. The remaining central tower was believed to have survived because of a Terma statue (the treasure statue of Guru Langdarchen). The statue is believed to have spoken to Tibetan King Langdarm, who was notorious for secreting Buddhist monasteries when he attempted to destroy the statues with a hammer.

Today, Dobji Dzong is home to many religious relics; statues of Jetsun Milarepa, Guru Langdarchen, Dungsay dewa Zangpo (son of Dupthob Chagzampa) and Ngawang Chogyal. The Ghokhang houses the Goem-Chamdal Sum: Mahakala, Mahakali, and the Raven Crown.