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ABS-CBN travels with Druk Asia

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14 Jun 2024

ABS CBN travelled to Bhutan with Druk Asia in March 2012 to film its latest drama series, Princess and I.

In the Kingdom of Yangdon, a land untouched by time, King Anand falls in love with a Filipino doctor named Isabel. Together with their beloved daughter Princess Areeyah, King Anand and his new queen bring an era of progress to the kingdom.

Yet with the change comes disapproval from some of King Anand’s trusted advisers—the blue-blooded Drukpah, who disapprove of the young king’s foreign wife and liberal ideals. Further fanning the flames of conflict is the head Drukpah’s wife Ashi Behati, whose violent past has made her hell-bent on seizing the throne.

An explosion on a mountain road hurls Queen Isabel and Princess Areeyah’s car to the dangerous forests of Yangdon. There, mother and child come face to face with an assassin sent by Yin, an ally to Ashi Behati. Only King Anand comes out of the explosion unscathed, and as he struggles to find his wife and child, the Drukpah and Ashi Behati begin to doubt his ability to rule Yangdon.

Meanwhile, Yin sends her Filipino attendant Esmeralda home. Esmeralda brings nothing to the Philippines except for an unnamed baby girl and a handkerchief bearing the emblem of Yangdon.

Five years later, the baby grows into Mikay, a spirited daddy’s girl who works to help her family make ends meet. Despite her struggle to fit in with her mother and two beautiful sisters, Mikay stays optimistic and believes her luck will see her through.

Meanwhile, the people of Yangdon grow restless as King Anand continues to mourn for Princess Areeyah and Queen Isabel. Without an heir, the king must pick someone he believes is worthy of the crown. Behati grabs the chance and pushes her son Jao to win King Anand’s favor, unaware that the child’s talent and sincerity are enough to get the royal’s attention.

Read the story and check out the photos of the scene here.


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