Bhutan Happiest Kingdom on Lonely Planet

Bhutan Happiest Kingdom on Lonely Planet

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10 Sep 2012

Nathalie travel to Bhutan with Druk Asia and share her story on Lonely Planet Asia, September 2012

With a population fewer than 700,000, Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas between Indian and China. Since joining United Nations in 1971, English has been introduced in the free and compulsory local schools. It is known for the pursuit of Gross National Happiness Index (GNH) which emphasis on spiritual well-being in this Buddhist country. To retain Bhutan’s ecological, social, cultural and environmental beauty the country had to comply with a policy of “low volume, high-value tourism”.

Touring Bhutan requires stamina due to its long drives and walks before reaching one’s destination. Nonetheless, eager foreigners and international media came in to explore this once-landlocked country. All in all, Bhutan is a sleeping dragon, holding close to its roots. The new king known as ‘K5’, the fifth king, may steer clear of daily governance but remains true to his father’s vision of upholding the GNH and defending Bhutan against the worst aspect of globalisation.

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