Bhutan Happiness is a Place Photo Exhibition 2011

Happiness Is A Place Photo Exhibition 2011

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14 Jun 2024

As the only country in the world that emphasises Gross National Happiness as a measure of the country’s performance, Bhutan has inspired and intrigued many people. Governments, professionals as well as the average man-in-the-street marvel at how Bhutanese can remain ‘unaffected’ by the pursuit of material wealth that’s happening around the world. Some of us have started to look to the Bhutanese way to live a life of happiness.

Bhutan: Happiness is a Place Photo Exhibition 2011

17-26 October 2011, Millenia Walk Grand Hall

Take a glimpse into the Bhutanese way of life, culture and traditions, amidst the striking Himalayan landscape, is now presented through the lens of photographer Lim Kok Wee. "Happiness is a Place" is the theme of Kok Wee´s solo exhibition on Bhutan, to be held from 1726 October at Millenia Walk. Kok Wee is a self-taught photographer, relinquishing his IT profession to focus on photography four years ago.

In addition to the 32 photo prints, the exhibition will feature Bhutanese postage stamps, paintings and thangkas unique hand-painted or embroidered Buddhist artwork. Interest in thangkas has grown, from objects revered for their religious value in the old days, to become items of art appreciated by collectors in recent years. A Bhutanese artist, Mr Rinchen Wangdi, will demonstrate the traditional art style during the exhibition.

There will also be two talks on Gross National Happiness, organized in conjunction with the exhibition. Mr Karma Galay, Chief Programme Officer of the Department of Local Governance, will speak on Gross National Happiness: An Alternative Approach to Development from Bhutan, explaining the concept and characteristics that define the concept, on 18 October 2011, 7.30pm 9.30pm. He will continue with Gross National Happiness: Assumptions and Applications on 22 October 2011, 4.00pm 6.00pm.

In another session also on 22 October from 4.00pm 6.00pm, Kok Wee will share his photo experiences in Bhutan, while Joni Herison of Druk Asia Pte Ltd, the Singapore representative of Druk Air, Bhutan´s official airline, offer some insights on myths and facts about Bhutan. Their joint presentation should interest those planning to embark on themed travels in Bhutan. Admission to the exhibition and talks is free.

Lim Kok Wee is a self-taught photographer who relinquished an IT career to pursue his passion in photography. Self-taught and driven by his eye for details, Kok Wee’s sincerity to the people around him comes through in his pictures. He first started covering events and later went on to specialize in weddings while diversifying his range. Now, on top of events for all occasions (graduation, family portraits, baby shower, corporate functions etc), PhotoInc also provides services for personal portfolios, food and beverage, architecture, interior design and consumer products.

Druk Asia, Bhutan Travel Specialist

Druk Asia is the representative of Druk Air, Royal Bhutan Airlines. Currently based in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia and Thimphu, Druk Asia specializes in providing customised private tours for tourists from all over the world. Whether you’re planning a solo trip to Bhutan or travelling in a group, our Travel Specialist will be able to craft the most suitable itineraries to suit your needs.

Find out more about Druk Asia.

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