Drukair and Druk Asia presents Tabula

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22 Aug 2012


Tabula, a rock band, becomes the first Singapore band to perform in Bhutan. Druk Asia and Drukair to raise fund for the reconstruction of Wangdue Dzong sponsored their trip. Tabula becomes the first Singapore band to perform in Bhutan when they were invited by Drukairand Druk Asia to perform for the Drukair Annual General Meeting. Concurrently, Drukair Golf Tournament was taking place in the same weekend.

Tabula is a rock band from Singapore, which been playing live since 2003. They most recently performed in Dubai and have weekly scheduled performance in Singapore’s top bars including China One and Balaclava. They do cover on rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, and Incubus. During their stay in Bhutan, Tabula performed in Mojo Park and Tenzinling Hotel. Proceed with their performance in Mojo Park goes fully towards the Wangdue Dzong reconstruction fund.