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I am glad I got to you and made you plan for me.

Jose Luis Garcia Fernandez, June 2016

This trip is one of the best trip for us. Mr. Ugyen is the best guide ever.

Manmanee Charutula's Group, July 2015

During the whole trip the landscape was astonishing and it's quite admirable how the cities are so integrated to nature!

Hercules Oliveira, April 2015

We were treated to exceptional experiences in Bhutan, which would not be possible without Sonam’s initiative and pro-activeness.

Hanying and Diana, April 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire 10 days of cultural tour from the buzzing west part of Bhutan, Thimphu, to the beautiful region in the south, Punakha, then a visit of the amazing festival, Ura Yakchoe in central.

Annie Zeng, April 2015

Thank you, we had a lovely time in Bhutan! The weather was nice & cool, only a little chilly in the evening.

Jody Tan, April 2015

We must really compliment the guide and the driver. The guide, Phub Tshering was very friendly and accommodating. He is knowledgeable of the local customs and sights.

Eddie Chin, May 2015

We really enjoy the beautiful and spiritual of your country, the friendliness of people, the comfortable of the hotels and staffs, the foods and the culture.

Howard Hor and David Hudson, May 2015

We had a wonderful time and when I have sorted the many photos I took I’ll send you some.

Hans-Dieter Knoch, May 2015

Very happy to share them with others so that they know how wonderful your country is.

Loan Nguyen, April 2015

We had a wonderful and great trip. We survived the 7 hours hike to Tiger Nest.

Jennie Sim & Team, April 2015

We learned and appreciate the culture of Bhutan, thanks to our guide who have taught us a lot of the custom and culture of his country.

Leng Leng, April 2015

We really enjoyed ourselves during our stay in Bhutan especially with the company of our guide – Tobgay and driver – Karma.

Yian Lee, April 2015

I had a wonderful time and cannot express enough how much I enjoyed the short amount of time I had in Bhutan.

Brett Pynnonen, May 2015

I got to meet many kind and beautiful people together with the little kids ever so ready to wave and smile back at me which made me feel so welcomed.

Cindy Tan, May 2014

I was lucky enough to help them with food preparations and taking care of their animals for the few days I was there.

Akshay Nathawat, May 2014

I would like to thank you for organising this wonderful trip, I felt really comfortable with my guides, I enjoyed the program set out for me.

Margarita Akritidou, May 2014

There are not complains at all...we are happy to met Karma and KP, they had been very good to us!

Olga Martin Fernandez, May 2014

Covered the main sights/places that a first time visitor to Bhutan should visit. We particularly enjoyed the nature walk.

Foong Lim, May 2014

It was nice experience and holidays in Bhutan, the guide and driver were wonderful and excellent. Scenery, culture and people are very unique and natural.

Luvid, April 2012