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Bhutan is amazingly beautiful; breath-taking landscape

Hi Sonam,

Bhutan is amazingly beautiful. The guide, Dawa, is exceptional in her job and deserves utmost commendation (although she was not the guide assigned in the itinerary you provided). I really enjoyed the breath-taking landscape, imposing dzongs and tranquil monasteries. It was certainly a very different kind of holiday, in a good way.

Since you asked, the main shortcoming in this holiday was the food. Many dishes were bland and worse, repetitive. I believe improvements can be made because after visiting the market in Thimphu, I saw varieties of produce that were not included in the meals.

Also, the hotel, Gangtey Palace in Paro is actually quite beautiful in a rustic way, but perhaps, travellers should be warned that it is a very old wooden building, hence the lack of electricity wall sockets, the dim lighting and the high noise levels.

Many thanks for all your help in planning this holiday.

Kind Regards,

  • Kathleen/Kate

    August 2014
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