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Bhutan Himalayas Mountains scenarios

Dear Sonam,

We had a fantastic trip to Bhutan! We really appreciated the kindness of the people, the smile of the children, the general peacefulness and happiness even though the living conditions are sometimes tough especially in the mountains. We appreciated as well the religious feelings which are present everywhere and are part of the landscape with these so wonderful pray-flags and of course these temples and monasteries.

And we were fascinated by the landscape, the combination of the Himalayas Mountains scenarios and the man's work around the agriculture and construction of so nicely decorated house farms. Bhutan is an example within an agitated world where peace and happiness are in danger in so many places. We did feel so well in Bhutan that we only think now when we'll be able to come back!

Thanks a lot to Drukair and Druk Asia for organizing our trip there.

Best regards
JM & M Guillermou

  • JM & M Guillermou

    March 2015
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