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Truly enjoyed Bhutan and I would visit again

Dear Sonam,

Kaadinchhey La for your email and apologies for taking such a long time to respond to your email. Straight back to work since then.

Personally, I truly enjoyed Bhutan and if I could, I would visit Bhutan again, that's for sure. Unfortunately, our flight delayed so we missed a number of sights in Bhutan. And of course, due to the roadworks, we had to adjust our timing as well.

We really enjoyed our stays in Druk Hotel and Metta Resort. And I like to thank your agency as well for allowing us to make amendments to our dinner menu at Druk Hotel on the second night, because we are small eaters and could not eat as much as the hotel provided.

It was amazing when it started snowing as we made our way to Dochula Pass on the first day.. it was gorgeous. And even during Bumdra trek, it started snowing all around, it was so beautiful. We really enjoyed the weather going up to Bumdra trek and coming down as well.

The tent accommodation in Bumdra was excellent, so was the food. Unfortunately, we were not used to such cold weather, I think it was around -6C at night and in the morning when we woke up, with very strong winds. So that was a bit of a challenge. But we really enjoyed it as a first time experience, for all of us, trekking. I would like to go back one day and do the Druk Path trek.

We really like Dorji as our guide. He was really patient and very supporting during out trek and we appreciate it. As you know, we had someone in the group with a health condition so we had to take many many stops along the well and Dorji was most accommodating. And Red Panda was a really good driver too.

Some feedback in terms of improvement:

- it would have better for you to send us a message via phone or called us to inform us about the flight delay. We were in Bangkok as you know and only had intermittent email access. So, it was only just before we left the hotel in the morning that one of us in the group decided to check his office email and saw your email. And we had already arranged for a taxi to the airport, so it was quite troublesome.

- Also, our first guide mentioned to us that we had waited at the airport for us, not knowing that our flight was delayed. So the amendments the tour itinerary was not communicated to us.

- Personally, I did not enjoy the hotel in Punakha, Hotel Vara. The accommodation is really basic, compared to the same 3 star Metta Resort, it was not a good stay and the food was not great either.

- It would have been great if we could have had a picnic during our Tango Trek, Norbu (our first guide) told us that it was raining but it was a perfect day.

- The roadworks should have been communicated to us earlier so that we could be consulted on which places we wanted to go.

I guess that's all the feedback I have for you.
Thank you for helping us to arrange the trip. And thank you for such a beautiful country!

Tashi delek!
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