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Tashi Delek in Flight Magazine

Updated on 03/October/2023

Tashi Delek is a publication of Drukair. 

Purchase Information:

Tashi Delek is not available for purchase at the moment. Interested readers or collectors can write to Bhutan Observer who is holding the printing and distribution right.

Distribution Area

Tashi Delek magazines are only available on Drukair flights. Magazines are not distributed via any other channels. Past issues may be available for collectors by contacting Bhutan Observer. 

September - October 2013

Tashi Delek in-flight magazine

Table of Content:

- Sentinel in the south-east
- Around Bhutan on two wheels
- Using Pilgrimage to awaken our basic goodness
- Artists with VAST intentions
- A spiritual oasis from the medieval times
- Jasha maroo (Minced Chicken)
- Healing the Dotassha way
- Weaving a dream from the finest textiles
- A Bhutanese folk tale
- Could have been made to complement each other

July - August 2013

Tashi Delek magazine July August 2013

Table of Content:

- Travel Travails
- Living the kampung spirit
- Living Wisely
- Bumthap Khuley
- Warriors in disguise
- Teaching amid rolling thunder
- A fatal love affair
- To the village on the edge

March - April 2013

Tashi Delek in Flight Magazine

Table of Content:

- 'Bhutan' or 'Boutan' ?
- Spring comes in Beauty
- Ema Datshi
- Lessons from the road
- Shingdrey Khrolo of Bhutan
- The mandala of dance
- The tarmac's turn
- Why one must visit Bhutan

January - February 2013

Tashi Delek in-flight magazine

Table of Content:

- The All Victories Year
- The miracle of Taktshang
- Puta (Buckwheat Noodles)
- The Words of Buddha in female voices
- Darma is not designed to make you feel good
- The story of a King, a poor country and a rich idea
- Tranquillity beyond the bustling Thimphu City
- Backpacking - The journey is the goal
- When art means an inner journey

September - October 2012

Tashi Delek in-flight Magazine

Table of Content:

- Happiness, Old-World Style
- The Business of GNH
- Dragon King of Bhutan
- Trekking Along the Dragon's Path 
- Choki Traditional Art School
- A Folk-tale from Paro
- Bhutan The Last Shangrila
- Ura Dung Nagpo
- Terton Pema Lingpa
- Hyderabadi Biryani
- Drukair, Destinations Singapore and Mumbai
- Chilies


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