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Thailand Bhutan Flight

Updated on 10/June/2016

Daily Flight between Thailand and Bhutan

Drukair operates daily flight from Bangkok, Thailand, to Paro, Bhutan. It usually departs Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, at about 0630 hours in the morning. The flight may have a stopover in Guwahati or Dhaka. The flight to Paro from Bangkok will take about 3 and half hour to 4 hours to complete. During the peak season (Mar, Apr, Sep & Oct), Drukair will usually add a second flight for the day. The second flight would usually depart Bangkok at 430 am in the morning. This second flight will usually be a direct flight with no stopover unless if it's a full flight.

Estimated Fare

Estimated fare for this flight is about USD 890 for return trip. Price will vary according to season. You can enjoy discount of up to 25% when you book with us. The exact price will depend on your date of travel and size of the group. For fare quotation, drop us an email at

Flight Duration and Other Detail

Flight between Bangkok and Paro will take about 3 and half hours. The flight may have a 45 minutes refuelling stop in Dhaka, Guwahati or Kolkata. As this is just a refuelling stop, travelers would not be disembarking and will not require Visa for these stops.

Transiting in Thailand

Check-in and Transit Counter

Check-in counter is located on Row Z. It opens about 2 hours before departure. Transit counter is located in transit hall and also open about 2 hours before departure. Do request at your luggage to be transferred to Drukair flight at the check-in or transfer counter.

Stay for the night

If your transit time is more than 3 hours, you may consider staying in Louis' Tavern Transit Hotel. This hotel will charge your stay on per hour basis.


Planning to travel to Bhutan during a festival?

On popular dates of travel such as during festival time, flight tickets tend to get fully reserved 5 months prior. Due to limited flight and seats available, we recommend you to reserve your ticket as early as possible. You can reserve your ticket for free with us and plan your trip to Bhutan with a peace of mind knowing that you will have a spot on your flight to Bhutan.


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