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Specialize in Cultural Guide, Trekking Guide

Kinley Gyeltshen specializes with cultural tour in Bhutan and has completed Snow Man Trek twice.


Spent 6 nights in Bhutan in Septemeber

spent 6 nights in Bhutan in Septemeber. We were travelling with our 3,5 year old daughter, She enjoyed it.

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I left a piece of my heart in Bhutan

It has been a few days since I was back at work, and I can't help but miss the days when I was in Bhutan. I miss the beautiful valleys, the mythical mountains, the clear rivers and most importantly, the kind people whom I've met during my short stay in Bhutan. Guess I left a piece of my heart in Bhutan.

Kinley went out of his way to make us feel at home, acceded to our various requests and even volunteered to carry our heavy bags up tiger's nest because it was clear to him that we were all tired from the climb. It did not feel like Kinley was there with us merely as a guide doing his job. It felt like he was a friend showing us his beautiful home. We also want to thank our driver (I think he is called Chillie - not sure how to spell) who really tried to make our rides as smooth and

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A Memorable Trip For My Friends And I

Kuzuzangpo la!

Our stay in Bhutan was great and we enjoyed ourselves despite some hiccups.Bhutan was a memorable trip for my friends & I as we embarked on a 10 days journey to the West & Central of Bhutan. It was an fruitful experience for us as we embraced ourselves into the culture, with more understanding and learning new things. We simply missed everything in Bhutan. The scenery was just WOW! We also took back something with us which was friendship. We got to meet other travelers during the trip, who had the same itinerary as us, eventually we just got together in a pack of 6, 6 travelers with 6 guides/drivers (as I described it). It was fun to travel together

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Trip to Shangri La

Hi Sangay!

Nice to hear from you! Though I'm back from Bhutan for 3 days already, my heart has been left there .. Hahaaa

I have lots of positive things to share about my Bhutan trip but I'm taking my time to sort my photos & upload albums on my FB account. Once I'm done, I'll share them with you.

In the meanwhile, my travel mate Janice & I would like to express our most heartfelt appreciation & commendations to our Bhutanese guide Kinley Gyeltshen & driver Sangay who took such good care of both of us throughout the entire trip. Both of them are more than guide and driver, they are just like our friends & brothers! Kinley is very knowledgeable and shared so much with us about Bhutan from the cultures, food, lifestyle, royal families, Buddhism to anything we want to know.

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Travel to magical Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

Kuzuzangpo La!
Firstly, would like to commend Sonam's patience and friendly demeanor in providing an excellent service regarding booking and choice of travel in Bhutan. . Bhutan as a country is an exhilarating country with green valleys and mountain peaks. I will be coming back hopefully to see the festivals and more lively colors of either spring and autumn. Nevertheless, the off season was truly a magical, once in a lifetime experience and will never forget as long as I live.

Everything there is extraordinary... !! i love it! Thank you Druk Asia, Sonam, Kinley and driver. :)


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Bhutan has awesome scenery, fresh air, healthy meals and beautiful people

Dear Sangay,


We enjoyed our stay in Bhutan a lot - the awesome scenery, fresh air, healthy meals and beautiful people of Bhutan are very memorable. It was a hassle-free experience traveling with Druk Asia; everything was well planned, we only need to pack our luggage and be there to experience this wonderful trip!

We would also like to thank our guide, Kinley, and driver, Nedrup (I hope I spelled it correctly), who were both very patient with us. They also went the extra mile to bring us to the riverside when we kept saying that the river looks very clear and stunning. We also enjoyed the additional experience of a picnic and playing with darts the Bhutanese way. The only pity was that we didn't get to go the farmhouse for dinner that our guide initially planned.

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A nice experience trip to Bhutan

Hi Sangay,

Thanks for the arrangement. The whole trip was relatively good and just nice enough the pace. Most of my request are fulfilled. It was nice experience. I hereby attach pictures.


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I love the trek up to Tiger's Nest

Hi Sonam,

The trip was a great experience. One thing I noticed was that it was too cold at night at Hotel Lobesa and Metta Resort despite having a heater and blanket in the room. Hotel Lobesa provided an extra blanket, which helped. I think multiple heaters in the rooms would be better. Also, on the last night at Metta Resort, I noticed that the Asian diners were served different food from the Westerners. Why was this the case?

In any case, I loved the trek up to Tiger's Nest, and here's a photo I took that you might want to share with future travelers.

Thank you for the amazing experience!

Tze Hon

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A good visit in Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

I am still getting over the head cold from the last days in Nepal and through my visit in Bhutan ! But I am getting better day by day.

I had a good visit in Bhutan despite the relentless rain throughout the visit. As I had told you, I cancelled the third leg of our trip because of the rain and the poor condition of the highway at this time. Yes, please do alert your visitor that the free way is under construction until at least 2016 and yes, please also discourage the visitors to visit Bhutan during the raining season. I could reschedule my visit in October and would fly directly to and from Singapore as it was a huge hassle to go back and out of Kathmandu. However, I did get to see Everest on the way back to Kathmandu so it was okay after all 😊

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Pleasant experience in Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

Since we came home on Saturday, we missed the weather up in the mountains in Bhutan. The air was cool and fresh, evident by the plenty of lichen found on the trees.

The 7-day itinerary was relaxed though there was always likely to be some physical demand before we reached each destination. Our extended trekking was well thought of with decent tents, good porters, horses to bring the most unthinkable like gas stove up to 4,000 meters. We had toilet tents, dinning tents and good size sleeping tents. The chef was very dedicated too.

With us was our personal guide Kinley and driver Sangay. We felt they went out of their way to meet our most unique demands. Kinley brought us to visit his Grandmother in Punaka when we wanted to visit the home of a local.

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