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Specialize in Sr Cultural Guide, St Trekking Guide, Tour Leader

Tobgay is our most senior guide and has been in the tourism industry since its inception in 1996. He has been a guide ever since and has completed Snow Man Trek, the hardest trek in the world, more than 20 times. In the 1990s, he contributed 6 months of his time towards rebuilding the Tiger Nest Monastery after it was burnt down.


A superb holiday to untainted grounds, where people are simple, contented, happy, sincere and genuine

A superb holiday to untainted grounds, where people are simple, contented, happy, sincere and genuine. Beautiful landscape which we feel is like the Asian Alps. The SG rep was prompt and helpful in getting our inquiries answered even before we confirmed our trip with them.

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Thank you for the lovely experience especially its our first time

We [08 of us] have just returned from a 06days trip in Bhutan, (16 to 21Apr18). My wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of our Travel Guide, Mr Tobgay and our Driver for this trip, Mr Chimi. Mr Tobgay was very accommodating, knowledgeable, jovial and responsible.

He always ensures that we are comfortable throughout the trip. Always willing to assist with our requests, placing our interest in the first priority and ensure that we are in a safe and good area to take photos during the rides to different locations. He is also very knowledgeable and explained in details the history of different locations such as Monasteries, Dzongs and Culture of Bhutan. He is always polite and jovial for our entire trip.

Mr Chimi has very superb driving skills. Always making sure that our

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Bhutan, The hardest Goodbye!

Bhutan, The hardest Goodbye!
Words truly cannot express how we feel. We loved everything about Bhutan; great scenery, amazing people with great culture and history. The views are stunning and the experience was magical.
We had wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip and got a lot of fantastic memories to take back home; from picnic at Chele La Pass overlooking the Haa Valley, hiked up to the legendary Takshang Goemba (Tiger's nest monastery), wearing a Gho and Kira, to the best moment- dancing together with local people at Nak-sel Farm House.
We loved our tour guides; Tashi Tobgay and Lhawang Dorji who kept us entertained with stories, jokes, fables, and a wonderful sense of humour. They created a friendly and collegial atmosphere to our small groups of 35 pax.

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Our wonderful time in Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

Thank you very much for you follow up. We had a wonderful time and when I have sorted the many photos I took I’ll send you some.

Hans-Dieter Knoch

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Humorous guide and driver makes our Bhutan trip enjoyable

Hi Mr Sonam

Thank you so much for your arrangement. We really enjoyed ourselves during our stay in Bhutan especially with the company of our guide – Tobgay and driver – Karma. They are so humours and funny and make our trip so much of enjoyment. Although Mr Karma doesn’t talk a lot, but he is a very cautious person when driving and has a hidden talent to make people feel warm. As for Tobgay, I don’t think I need to say more as he is really a good guide with his humours and funny explanation to relate some ‘dry’ history to a ‘lively’ statement which made us remember forever even we have back to Singapore .

As for the hotel, we would like to express our appreciation during our stay at hotel Lobesa. Their staffs were so attentive, friendly and thoughtful. Although I do not know 1 of the sta

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A wonderful 10 days experience in Bhutan

Dear Sangay,

We are back from our 10 day trip to Bhutan and it was a wonderful experience. Our guide Mr. Tobgay was fantastic and we were very happy with the service provided by him. He made sure that my husband got lactose free vegetarian food everywhere. But there were a few things we were extremely unhappy about. They are listed below:

1. Vehicle - I had raised this issue with you in an email on Mar 21st (email attached) and you did not even respond to the email. I was extremely disappointed with that. We had paid for a MPV, a driver and a guide. But from day 2, we had SUV and Tobgay had to work as a driver and guide. This is extremely poor service. The back seat of the SUV was crammed and there was hardly any place with all our luggage.

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Bhutan a beautiful place

Halo Sonam,

Happy New Year

I and our friends would like to thank you for recommended us to beautiful place Bhutan, and our guide Tashi Tobgay and the driver, they are wonderful. We are discussing we may go next year, please recommend and any promotion let us know we can do arrangement. To see you again.

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Fantastic trip and great hospitality in Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

The trip was fantastic. Great hospitality shown by the locals and we were well taken care of by our guide & driver. As requested, here’s some pictures taken during our trip in Bhutan.

Ailing Tan

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Pleased and blissful trip to Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

The group is happy with the trip. Please convey our thanks to the local tour guide Tobgay who was very helpful. The only point which can be improved was that during the trek to Tiger’s Nest, it will be better to have 2 guides instead of just Tobgay for bigger groups like our group. Our group split into 2 (faster and slower) groups eventually and Tobgay could only stick to the one of the groups.

But overall it was a very good trip! Thank you very much for your assistance!!

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A great time and nice trip in Bhutan

Hi Sonam,

Thanks for your email. We had a great time last week. I expect a lot of rain but it was quite sunny most of the time. Now some of us are a bit exhausted. Maybe because the air quality in Bhutan is good (full of oxygen) so we need to read just to the air in Jakarta. Do you know if other people have similar experience?

Below are my feedback

- Itinerary was good. There could be more options for older people who cannot hike much. Like in Tiger's Nest some of us rode on horses until the cafeteria midway then went back downhill. For my mother the Cheri hike is a bit challenging especially downhill. The Gangtey hike was ok. I wish the track were more friendly so we don't have to worry about stepping on cow dung or mud.

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