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A fantastic week in Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

We've returned from a fantastic week in Bhutan. Thank you so much for your help in arranging our trip.

It was a very lovely immersion in a very beautiful country, despite the wet weather, but we were well aware that we were visiting during the monsoon season. We enjoyed visiting the various dzongs and temples, as well as soaking in the atmosphere of the towns and villages. The overall itinerary was definitely quite a comprehensive and balanced one.

The hotels were great, despite their 3 star billing, although you may wish to know that Hotel Norbuling in Thimphu was rather noisy. The internet connection in all three hotels we stayed at was also not very stable. But on the whole, the accommodation in other respects were fine.

Our guide was efficient, but we also found him rather cold, without much energy or enthusiasm. I don't think we saw a single smile from him throughout our time with him. Indeed, when he called in sick on our final full day, Friday, the replacement for that day was a visible contrast, being much more engaging and considerate.

The driver we had was good - he was polite, ever accommodating, and importantly, quite a safe and patient driver, which are qualities needed when taking on bumpy and muddy roads, with other vehicles around.

All in all, it was a great trip, and we're now firm fans of Bhutan, and will definitely recommend our friends to Druk Asia, should the opportunity arise.

Many thanks once again :)

Yuin Chien