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We had an absolutely amazing five day tour with TeePee

We had an absolutely amazing five day tour with TeePee our guide. And our driver Cheku. Cheku was patient, punctual and professional. He had a good sense of humour and we enjoyed our visits with him. He was a safe, careful driver on those challenging roads. Thanks for everything, Cheku, including your help carrying our bag up the mountain and encouraging us to keep going all the way to Tiger's nest. TeePee was incredibly knowledgeable. Her English was amazing and she was very clear in her explanations to us. We loved seeing her practice her faith at the temples. We got to see so many special rituals with the monks. We loved our time at Duchola pass, the museum, the walks in nature, learning about the trees and plants and traditional food. We loved the cultural museum and the hot stone tub soak. She answered every question we had and gave us so much information on Buddhism. She was amazing. We were so blessed to have her as our guide. We especially enjoyed the peaceful day on our walk in the woods in the early morning up to Tiger's Nest. Without her help and encouragement we wouldn't have made it to the top. Thanks for everything. We loved all the beautiful scenery and crisp mountain air in the Himalayas.it was a special time for us.