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You can touch clouds on the hill and the heart of the loving people.

Hello Sonam,

Everything went perfect; my flight of Drukair landed on the picturesque Paro valley. It was noon. I was very much welcomed by Ms Kinley a tour guide from Druk Asia. We proceeded to Punakha to visit Fort which is huge building, a portion of it is currently serving as local administrations and the rest of it contains monastery & temples. Past the green valley, hills and roadside fruit sellers, we back to Thimphu.

Spent night at Kisa Hotel. We ventured Thimphu city in the morning and visited Art & Craft centre and the giant Buddha in construction. From the top of the hill, I saw a small but beautiful city embraced by surrounding valleys. No noise, no pollution, no crowd & no high-rise habitat; a river flows quietly through the city. No traffic light at the city; it is virtually not required. Buildings represent local architectures. Your vision is obstructed by greenery around. Citizens walking in the roads and working in the offices are with national outfits.

Afternoon we proceeded to Tiger’s Nest a few kilometres away from Paro, a monastery at the edge of high hill rocks. It was drizzling; I had managed to go up to the half of the way. Hope that I will cover other half of the journey to the nest during my next visit.

Places of Bhutan are mesmerising. You can touch clouds on the hill and the heart of the loving people. Peoples speak English and are mostly extrovert in nature. I found Bhutan a big village for which I was striving for. You can find tranquillity there for which you are striving for. Life is largely smooth in the Land of Thunder Dragon.