The Best Way to Get to Bhutan

Updated 19th January 2012

Take a flight to Bangkok

Bangkok is probably the best entry to Bhutan by air. Royal Bhutan Airlines, Druk Air, flies daily from and to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). Travellers are strongly encouraged to take full-fledged airlines, like Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways, instead of budget airlines. This will ensure that you have the possibility of rescheduling your return flight should Druk Air's flight was delay due to bad weather.

Flights from Bangkok to Paro International Airport, Bhutan

Flights from Bangkok departs in the morning between 0530 am and 0730 am. Passengers will usually have to arrive in Bangkok the evening before and check-in for their Paro-bound flights 2 hours before departure.


Departing Paro, Bhutan, and onwards

Paro International Airport

Flights out of Paro to Bangkok departs at about 11 am. This flight will usually reach Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 450 pm Bangkok time. Travellers will be able to connect directly to their flight home by informing our Druk Air staff of their connecting flight so that travelers' baggage can be transferred to the second flight automatically.

For travellers continuing to Singapore, they can take SQ979 (18:30) or SQ981 (21:00), or they can take TG401 (19:40).

From Singapore to Paro from September 2012

Singapore Changi International Airport
(Image courtesy of Changi Airport Group)

Starting from September 2012, travellers will have an additional option to travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan via Druk Air's twice-weekly flight from Singapore Changi Airport on Thursdays and Sundays. For travellers in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, and travellers from any countries with good connection to Singapore Changi airport, this will mean a saving of at least 13 hours (transit in Bangkok).



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The Best Way to Get to Bhutan

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