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Learning Basic Dzongkha for your trip to Bhutan

Posted on 08/July/2015

Basic Dzongkha for your travel to Bhutan.

By adding the prefix " -la " at the end of every sentence will make the entire sentence to be formal.


Greeting and well wishes - Kuzuzangpola -

What is your name? (For elders or with respect) - Na gi Tshen Ga Chi Mo

What is your name? (For friends) - Chhoey gi Ming Ga Chi Mo?

My name is - Ngegi Ming .......... Ein

Where are you from? - Chhoey ga te lay mo?

How old are you? - Kay Lo gadem  chi Ya Si?

Good bye - Log Jay Gay (Meaning we will meet again) 


Travel Talk

Where does this road lead to? - Lam di ga thay jow mo?

Is it far? - Tha ring sa in-na?

Here - Na/Nalu

There - Pha/Phalu

Where? - Ga Tey?

Which? - Gadee?

In front of - Dongkha

Next to - Bolokha

Behind - Japkha

Shopping Conversation

What time does it open? - Chutsho gademchi lu go pchiu mo?

What time does it close? - Chutsho gademchi lu go dam mo?

What is this? - Ani ga chi mo?

How much is it? - Dilu gadem chi mo?

That's too much - Gong bom may


Eating and drinking

Waiter - Wai Chharo! (literally meaning friend)

Waitress - Wai Bumo! (literally meaning girl)

Please have/eat - Zhey

Water - Chhu

Hot Water - Chhu Tshe

Milk tea - Na Ja

Butter tea - Su Ja

Get me - ...... nang

It was delicious - Zhim Bay

No more, Thanks - Me Zhu


Hello - Kuzuzangpola

Who is speaking - Ga Sung Mo La

I'm .... Speaking - Nga .... Zhu Do La

Yes, Yes - Ong, Ong

Yes in affirmative - Ein Ein La

Roger/ Signing off - Las la / Laso la

Emergency Essentials

I'm sick - Nga nau may

Where is the toilet? - Chhapsa ga tey in - na?

Where is the hospital? - Menkhang ga tey in na?


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