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Zuri Dzong

Landmark in Bhutan

Last Updated On : 19/04/2021

Zuri Dzong is one of the ancient fortresses located in Paro, Bhutan. Considered one of the oldest dzong, this ancient fortress dates back to 1352 and is home to the valley’s local protector. Built as a fort, the five-storey building is well protected by the surrounding double walls. You need to cross a small bridge to reach the dzong.

The Zuri Dong is not an administrative centre. The fortress houses a fine collection of murals and paintings in the upper chapels dedicated to the protector Zaa (Rahulla). There is also a cave within the area where people believe Buddha meditated in the 8th century.

Apart from its ancient rich history, the dzong is also famous for its stunning panoramic view of the entire Paro valley. The hike to reach Zuri Dzong is approximately 1.5 hours from National Museum Watchtower and an hour from Uma Paro Resort. It’s a leisure hike through cypress and pine trees with beautiful views of Paro valley. If you are looking for a moderate hike, you can also hike up north from Gonsaka Lhakhang or the Paro Taa Dzong. It’s relatively easier than hiking from the National Museum Watchtower.

You can also have a beautiful view of the Paro Rinpung Dzong from the top as you hike along the Zuri Dzong trail.


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