Eutok Samdup Choeling Goenpa

Posted on 31/January/2016

History of Eutok Samdup Choeling Goenpa

Eutok Samdup Choeling Goenpa was established by Terton Rigzin Jatson Nyingpo in the 15th century and is located in Shaba, Paro Dzongkhag around 3 kms from the Paro Thimphu highway, above the Shaba Primary School. On the right of Eutok Goenpa is the Hephu Thekchen Choeling, Terton Tshering Dorji’s abode and on the left is the Dra Karpo monastery, the holy site of Guru Rimpoche.

According to local folklore, it is said that the lama saw a vision of a lake with a gold pillar in the centre adorned with a mandala of turquoise on top and decided to make this place his abode and named it Eutok Goenpa.

It has its annual prayer ceremony Yutok Mani every year from the 10 – 18th of the 3rd month accompanied by dances of the Dharma protectors. This ceremony is to mark the consecration of the Goenpa by the patron Lama. Eutok Goenpa holds the last of the Tshechus in Paro Dzongkhag. Background

In 2003 the Eutok Goenpa was handed over to the Central Monk body by the community as it was suffering from poor administration and lack of patronage. The earthquake of 2011 further damaged the monastery. In 2012, the current Lama Lam Tshewang Paljor was appointed to the Goenpa. Lam Tshewang garnered the support of the locals and also got the patronage and support from the Royal Grand Mother. He set up a committee comprising of the village headman and influential local people and started the restoration work on the three storied monastery.

Current situation There are close to 50 monks studying and staying in the Goenpa from 6 – 20 years old sponsored by the Royal Grandmother. Lam Tshering has set up a small library for the monks to learn English and has been requesting for assistance to teach the monks the English language.

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