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Pho Chu Suspension Bridge

Landmark in Bhutan

Last Updated On : 26/02/2018
Hailed as the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan, the Pho Chu Suspension Bridge is such a spectacular construction connecting the mainland to the villages spread in the grand valley of Pho Chu Valley and the hilly ranges of land across the Punakha Dzong. The bridge is situated at a thrilling height above the fast-paced Pho Chu River.
It is an awe-inspiring view of the impressive stretches of the authentic rural splendor of Bhutan’s landscape. It is no exaggeration that, the Phochu Suspension Bridge is a masterpiece of engineering work dating back to the era of Zhabdrung Ngwang Namgyal in 1637. It is a significant piece of engineering in the history of Punakha's glory as the ancient capital city of Bhutan.
Apart from the incredible views of the beatific valleys and the idyllic villages from the Pho Chu Suspension Bridge, its stretch of 160 meters over the Pho Chu River is incredible. The majestic standing, durability, and resistant to wear seals its place as a story of triumph in ancient construction work. The contrast of the steel bridge above the Pho Chu River and the greenery in the surroundings is a bold complement to the natural beauty of Punakha.
The Pho Chu Suspension bridge experience perfectly merges adventure, fun, and scenic views; it is an ideal stop for those seeking to make indelible memories while in Bhutan. 

Travel Packages

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The tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan awaits, nestled high in the Himalayas its isolation from the world has cultivated a culture rich in traditions, religion and a benevolent monarchy.
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Experience complete immersion in Bhutan’s extraordinary landscape and cultural heritage.
The dramatic landscapes, from snow capped peaks and deeply forested slopes to raging, boulder strewn rivers.
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Enjoy a cultural tour and a popular short trek that offers breathtaking views and a view of Taktsang Monastery from the top and enjoy Bhutan's sunrise while you camp in the wilderness.
Every year, the Bhutanese hold the Punakha Tshechu Festival in honour of Padmasambhawa, the precious yogi and saint who introduced Tantric Buddhism to the people of the Himalayas. Get a first-hand experience of Bhutan's living history, masked dancers, and ancient traditions.
17th Mar 2024 - 19th Mar 2024
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Witness the re-enactment of Bhutanese against Tibetan war on this ancient capital of Bhutan, in the 17th century.
The Punakha Tshechu honors Padmasambhawa, the precious yogi and saint who is credited with having introduced Tantric Buddhism throughout the Himalayas.

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