Clock Tower

Landmark in Bhutan

Last Updated On : 18/01/2018

A single clock tower rests in the heart of Thimphu city with long dragons facing towards the clock and colorful Bhutanese designs carved onto the surface of the tower. The dragons represent the independence of the dragon kingdom of Bhutan.  It is one of the most well-known landmarks in the capital drawing a steady stream of people at all times of the day. 

The design was made so that locals could hang out in around the clock tower square due to its spacious nature. It attracts the youth with all different interests ranging from dancing, small football games to people who just want to hang out. Other than just hanging out the Clock tower square is surrounded by shops, café’s and video game parlous making it a convenient place to make plans. Notable restaurants in the area is Druk Hotel’s kitchen known for their Indian food and there is lots of gift shops in the area ranging from Clothes, Shoes, Phones to more traditional Bhutanese gift items such as hand woven bags and prayer wheels.  

Aside from the youth there are a few older people who spend time walking around the square spinning the prayer wheels located around the tower. It is in the Clock Tower that you can see how the old and new Bhutan converge as the sight of the most fashionable street ware is touted while rapping right next to the most traditional Gho and Kira’s (National costume’s) worn by the elderly simply passing time by spinning prayer wheels and praying. 

However there are a few events in a year, where special events like concerts, fairs, dance competitions and other events that draw in a huge crowd. On days like these Bhutanese show their talents off. Although young the Bhutanese take on modern culture has created a truly unique sense of “je ne sais quoi” that can only truly be experienced. This ranges from the dance styles, rapping, and singing showing how the youth have decided to adapt it and make it theirs. 

In the end clock tower is more than just a timepiece or a land mark, it is a place that many Bhutanese find comforting, a place where some would argue modern Bhutanese culture (Street ware, fashion, rapping, and hip-hop dancing) cumulated. 

Since it is located in the center of Thimphu it is an easy must see place taking only really 10 minutes to explore however the shops itself merit another hour as there is much to purchase as memoirs of Bhutan. 


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