Simply Bhutan Museum

Landmark in Bhutan

Last Updated On : 28/06/2018
Simply Bhutan is a highly interactive “living Museum" that offers you an excellent guided introduction to different aspects of the traditional Bhutanese life. As a visitor, there is so much that you get to learn about when you visit this museum. For instance, you will get to understand how to dress up in Bhutanese traditional clothes, how to distil ara (rice wine), and you will even learn some of the classic songs that are sung by the Bhutanese young and old women as they construct their beautiful homes out of rammed earth.
The museum is located about a half a kilometre to the west of the central Thimphu city. It is specifically located within the expansive Nazhoean Pelri Youth Center along the Genyen Lam. The museum is also surrounded by other important places such as the Changangkha to the west, the memorial Chorten to its south and the Tashichodzong which is the official seat of the central Government is just about one kilometre away to its north.
Simply Bhutan Museum is a perfect destination for anyone looking for beautiful scenery as well as looking to learn more about a different culture from theirs. During summer, the museum is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm while in winter it opens at 10:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm.
Simply Bhutan Museum Background 
Simply Bhutan is a unique and exciting project whose primary aim is to conserve the culture and tradition of the Bhutanese people while creating job opportunities for the young people who are job seekers. The infrastructure in this museum primarily portrays the ancient Bhutanese architecture which is decreasing at a high rate. A visit to Bhutan will bring you closer to an architectural design of its kind. The structure of the museum itself is built reusing old timber, door and window frames and numerous other materials from demolished houses. 
What Is There to See?
Simply Bhutan has so much to offer its visitors. First, you get the opportunity to experience the real Bhutanese feeling. Unlike numerous museums in Bhutan and all over the world where you aren’t allowed to touch the artifacts or take photographs, things are done differently here. The guides give all visitors an excellent prehistoric experience and also let you immerse and experience the real Bhutanese culture and traditions. Some of the most interactive experience in this museum includes the following:
  • Wearing the Gho and Kira. All tourists are given a set of beautiful traditional dress that you can even try while at the museum. You are even allowed to wear the beautiful Bhutanese traditional dress. They also offer the dress to children and allow you to take photographs of them for future reference.
  • You will also get an opportunity to see how the traditional Bhutanese houses were constructed. You can also try a hand at the archery and the dart game that is locally known as Khuru.

Travel Packages

10 Day Bhutan Walking Day Tour with Druk Asia
15th Apr 2022 - 17th Apr 2022
The point when you step out of Paro Airport, will be the start of the 7 Days Cultural Tour that gives you a complete idea of Bhutan.
12th Mar 2022 - 14th Mar 2022
Every year, the Bhutanese hold the Punakha Tshechu Festival in honour of Padmasambhawa, the precious yogi and saint who introduced Tantric Buddhism to the people of the Himalayas. Get a first-hand experience of Bhutan's living history, masked dancers, and ancient traditions.
9th Jul 2022 - 10th Jul 2022
Visit the last district to be opened to tourist and mingle with the villagers during the Haa Summer Festival.
DrukPath Trek, a beautiful 6 day trek that starts at Ta Dzong, Paro and ends at the road above the Takin Sanctuary, Thimphu.

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