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Updated on 03/October/2023

We have compiled a list of blogs by our travellers for your reference.
In each blog, our travellers presented their experience, perspectives and insights to their trip to Bhutan.
We hope this will be a useful reference for you while you plan your trip to Bhutan.

Bruce Sai Louie trip report, Bhutan 2015
May 2015 | 11-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Travel Blogs 1Meet our happy guest Bruce Sai Louie from New Zealand as he recounts his solo travel experience to Bhutan with our guide Kuenzang. His blog is filled with beautiful photos as well as detailed description of his full experience in Bhutan. A must see for those who wish to know more about travelling to Bhutan. Bruce embarked on his journey to Bhutan with us on our 11 days itinerary (hand-crafted according to his preference).


Thank you for sharing your experience with us Bruce!
Tashi delek (Blessings be upon you) 


I Love Bhutan, Bhutan 2014
October 2014 | 7-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Travel Blogs 2Our 6 nights itinerary covers from Paro, Thimphu and Punakha on land in a amazingly strong 12 seater minivan and it is this vehicle that miraculously drove thru the winding hillside terrain across the country.  Of course it must be the driver's skill, name is Joker. Most of the itiniary covers the interesting sights ie temples, Dzhongs, towns, Thimphu Festival and monasteries, with our excellent young guide, Lhawang Dorji.  However, we have specially arranged with the Bhutan agent for some of us to trek up to the Bumdra Monastery, 4000masl and camp for a night. 

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Beautiful, Happy, Rich Bhutan, Bhutan 2014
January 2014 | 7-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Travel Blogs 3Visiting Bhutan was something I had at the back of my mind a few years ago. I first learnt about Bhutan in Geography lesson 5 years ago. I read that Bhutan was the happiest country in the world and I took a mental note to add: " A TRIP TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! " to my bucket list. 

5 years down the road, my dad suggested visiting that place and mum was excited cause she likes new places, went to book a tour and before I knew it, we were trekking around in Bhutan. I am extremely lucky that my family gets to travel quite often and I am very fortunate to be able to visit so many places, meet new people and learn so many new things. Thank you mum & dad! <3 

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Journey to a Happy Life, Bhutan 2013
December 2013 | 7-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Travel Blogs 4Today our itinerary starts with Tango Monastery. It is actually a university for Buddhist studies and is located up a mountain 2,3230m above sea level.

Tango is the highest center of Buddhist learning in the country; almost every Je Khenpo (religious head of Bhutan) completed the 9-year program there. After completing that program, monks traditionally spend 3 years, 3 months and 3 days in mediation at the nearby Cheri Goemba retreat, built in 1619 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the founder or first unifier of Bhutan. It is currently the home of an 19 year old boy believed to be the seventh reincarnation of the fourth desi, or ruler, of Bhutan.

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Day 1 in Bhutan | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
Art of Lian Cherng Zhi (Erwin)
October 2013 | 7-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Erwin painting with on-looking lamas, on the way to Gangtey Erwin travelled to Bhutan by himself for the very first time from 3rd til 9th October 2013.

After booking his trip just the week prior, he expected to find an over-marketed Bhutan with draconian guides but found out to his amazement a totally different travel destination as told by the many travellers.

Many people have the wrong conception of guided tours in bhutan . It isn’t a dictator tour. In fact you can do whatever you want request whatever you like. You are treated like a king. Even though it’s not cheap, this is great for everyone. I have been to too many developed nation with beggars and prostitutes trolling in the street . I asked my guide to leave me alone tonight to explore. I did not get ask to boom boom anyone and I have a pack of fans talking to me while I sketch this famous post..where traffic light can’t take over "

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Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon 
August 2013 | 7-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan

Travel Blogs 5Edwin Tan travelled to Bhutan in August 2013 and wrote one of the most comprenhesive blog post on how to get to Bhutan.

"I always thought of Bhutan as a mysterious land nested in the Himalayan mountains. With this picture in mind, my wife and I set out to find the last Shangri-La.

If you thought that visiting Bhutan is difficult because of limited visas and expensive daily rates, good news, it’s not all true....... "

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Eats Shoots and Travels’ Trip to Bhutan
December 2011 | 11-Day Cutural Tour Bhutan Travel Plan

Kenny travelled to Bhutan with Druk Asia from 8 to 18 December 2011. 

Nearing mid-day, we arrived at Dochula Pass, where 108 Stupas were built by Her Majesty, the Queen Mother, in honour of His Majesty the 4th King and his people to commemorate their victory in the war fought in 2003 in Southern Bhutan. As we approached the pass, our driver put his palms together in reverence, a testament to the strong Buddhist roots of the Bhutanese.

Bhutan: Nalakang Tshechu - Highlight of Bhutan Trip
Bhutan: Tamshing Goemba
A first taste of Bhutanese Cuisine
Bhutan: Chimi Lhakhang - A scenic hike
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Gilda’s Trip to Bhutan
November 2011 | Samtengang Trek

Gilda having a dinner on the trek in Bhutan! Candle Lit!Gilda travelled with Druk Asia from 26 November to 4 december 2011. She completed the Samtengang Trek in 2 days. The following is an excerpt from her trip report. The highlight of my travel in Bhutan is completing Samteygang trek. Bhutan is a great place for hiking / trekking. Samteygang Trek is considered low altitude and one of the easiest winter trek. The highest point is 3720m.
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Bianca Brand’s Official Blog - Beautiful Bhutan
August 2011 | Singapore Business Federation - Bhutan Business Mission

Travel Blogs BiancaBhutan. That intriguing little country with a population of about 700,000, wedged between China and India... August 2011 and there I was, 22 years old, with the opportunity of a lifetime, to visit this mystical, hard-to-get-into country. Or so I thought.
PassportChop - Land of the Thunder Dragon Bhutan Trip Summary
August 2011 | 5 Days Essential Bhutan

Travel Blogs GuideOf all the tours we had experienced around the world, the tour guide service we experienced in Bhutan is definitely the best! DrukAsia had arranged Lhawang Dorji and Tenzing to be our guide and driver respectively for this 5-day trip (see picture - third from left is Lhawang and to his left is Tenzing). It is the attention paid to the small details that really impressed us.

Our guide, Lhawang is very knowledgeable in all matters to do with Bhutan - ask him about the concept of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan and he would be more than happy to discuss it with you. Any facts you want to know on Bhutan or just about anything about Bhutan, he should be able to help you with it and if he can’t, he would Google it on the road

Debunking 3 Myths on Travel in Bhutan – Cost, Travel Restrictions and Weather
Land of the Thunder Dragon Bhutan Trip Summary
Practising Yoga in Bhutan
Introduction to Bhutanese Cuisine – Spicy and Flavorful
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Bhutan Wander - 7 Days Magical Bhutan
July 2011 | 7 Days Magical Bhutan

This whole idea of making the trip to Bhutan on my own was always going to be iffy. Will I be bored to tears....well I guess this attempt at a first ever blog might give a clue.

It was a bloody early start - 5.30am at the BKK check-in counter of Druk Air for the 6.50am flight. Tip for fellow give it time cos there will be people checking in light bulbs, fridges, WCs, and all sorts of non-living paraphernalia imaginable. And if you’re flying in from Singapore to connect, try to avoid staying at the Airport Hotel tempting as it may sound. SGD250 for a 5hr kip is a bit of a price gouge.

Day 1 in Bhutan | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Final and the return
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I Wander - In Pursuit of (Gross National) Happiness
November 2010 | 5 Days Essential Bhutan

Travel Blogs WanderIt was still dark. The alam clock read 4:30AM. Having just arrived in Bangkok the night before from a roadtrip down to Udon Thani from Laos, my mind was still in a murky haze. My companions sleeping in the other bed seemed oblivious to the loud ringing sound emanating from my phone. This was the day we’re flying to Bhutan - the country famously isolated by the Himalayas, where Gross National Happiness is prioritized over economic growth and where the king famously abdicated voluntarily in order to initiate a move to a constitutional monarchy. We were all trying to catch an early morning flight to Paro - Bhutan’s only airport, aboard DrukAir, the only airlines that fly to Bhutan.

Having been to several flights the days prior, my plan was just to go to sleep as the plane cruised its way past Burma, India and into Bhutan. But alas, the pilot made an announcement about Kangchenjunga (3rd highest mountain), and then Mt Everest being visible at the left side of the plane. I opened the window and there they were - a few snow-capped peaks towering above the clouds. It also meant that our approach at Paro Airport was coming soon. The plane descent into Bhutan that came fifteen minutes later has got to be the best plane landing ever

In Pursuit of (Gross National) Happiness, Part 1
In Pursuit of (Gross National) Happiness, Part 2
In Pursuit of (Gross National) Happiness, Part 3
In Pursuit of (Gross National) Happiness, Part 4
Bhutan: Hassle-Free Tips

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