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Updated on 04/June/2024

Travellers’ Videos of Bhutan

The magic of Bhutan! Our travellers were absolutely captivated by this enchanting land, and they just couldn't wait to share their wonderment with the world! To capture their excitement, they decided to create a series of amazing videos that showcase their incredible experiences, unique perspectives, and valuable insights about their trip to Bhutan.

In these videos, our travellers take you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality of Bhutan. They share their personal stories, from the moment they stepped foot in this tiny Himalayan kingdom to the unforgettable moments they spent exploring its stunning valleys and majestic mountains.


2022 | Bhutan 2022 | Walteroid


2019 | 10 REASONS TO TRAVEL TO BHUTAN | A Trip To Heal Your Soul & Gain Happiness | Tian Chad


2019 | BHUTAN: A Trip For Your Soul


2017 | Moomedia


Erwin's Impression of Bhutan
October 2013 | 7-Day Essential Bhutan Travel Plan
7 Days in Bhutan, The Land of Happiness by Cherngzhi

Phototreks: Bhutan with Lester Ledesma
August 2013 | Phototreks: Bhutan with Lester Ledesma

Rawbean's Impression of Bhutan
September 2011 | 10-Day Discover Bhutan Travel Plan with Thimphu Tshechu

11 days trip to Bhutan - the Land of Happiness, covering places like Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang.
See more of Rawbean’s Bhutan Photo Album

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