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Bhutan Travel Photo Albums

Updated on 14/June/2024

Here are some collections of stunning photographs captured by some of Druk Asia’s travellers who fell in love with the landscapes of the Land of the Thunder Dragon. These photographs are not just mere snapshots, but rather, they're a window into the fascinating world of Bhutanese culture. Each frame tells a unique story about the people, their traditions, and their way of life. From the colorful festivals to the intricate architecture, every photograph is a testament to the country's rich heritage.

December 2017 | Scott A. Woodward Photography

Scott A Woodward


December 2014 | Tom White - Among the Elements

Tom White



February 2014 | Kriz John Rosales - Bhutan (Land of the Thunder Dragon)

Kriz John Rosales Bhutan Sky



January 2014 | Marielle - On a tiger through the Himalayas

Bhutan Dzong




October 2013 | Lester Ledesma's - Passage through Bhutan

Tiger Nest Prayer Flag



October 2012 | Kho Long 高雲飛 - Bhutan, A First Timer View

Rice Harvest in Paro, Bhutan Bhutan Point in Thimphu Bhutan



August 2012 | Malcolm Mcleod- Mysterious and magical: A Trip Through Bhutan

Bhutan View

Tiger Nest View



August 2012 | Wee Tan - Pristine Nature of Bhutan

Rice Harvest in Paro, Bhutan Rice Harvest in Paro, Bhutan Bhutan Point in Thimphu Bhutan



November 2011 | Tim Chong - Bhutan

Bhutanese gal with green eyes Prayer flag with snow Fire blessing at the Jambay Lhakhang Drup Chaam Dance at the Jambay Lhakhang Drup



October 2011 | Mathilda van Wyk - Bhutan 2011

Bhutan Ricefield Bhutan Temple Temple Bell View Bhutan



September 2011 | Rawbean’s Bhutan

Young Monk Bhutan Land Uphill Dzong Dzong Landscape



May 2011 | Trains Planes Automobiles - Bhutan, May 2011

Photo Album 1 Photo Album 2 Photo Album 3 Photo Album 4



February 2011 | - Pre-Wedding Photography in Bhutan

Photo Album 5 Photo Album 6 Photo Album 7



February 2011 | - Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon

Photo Album 8 Photo Album 9 Photo Album 10 Photo Album 11



2008 - 2011 | Druk Asia - Bhutan an introduction

Photo Album 12 Photo Album 13 Photo Album 14 Photo Album 15



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