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Specialize in Cultural Guide

Chencho started guiding in 2004. He enjoys meeting people from all over the world and getting to know their culture thru daily interactions while on the tour. Chenco prides himself for never disappointing travelers under his care. Always ready to help with a big bright smile.


Breath-taking scenery of Bhutan

Good Morning Sonam,

Thank you very much for organising our trip to Bhutan.

We had a wonderful time, the scenery was just breath-taking and we loved being in the mountains. Bull was an excellent guide.

On the plane on the way home we sat behind the Queen as she was coming to Singapore on a private trip. We spoke to her on how wonderful our trip to Bhutan was.

Kind Regards,

Routley Vanessa

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Hike to Tiger Nest was the highlight

Dear Sangay

We had a wonderful and great trip. We survived the 7 hours hike to Tiger Nest.

Chencho Bull is a great guide. He is knowledgeable, fun and interacted well with us. He was very patient with us and took good care of us, especially his "mama" (one of our group member). Our driver, Phub Tshering, who is always punctual, ferried us around with confidence.

Accommodation and Food:

Norbuling in Thimphu - simple, functional and adequate. Staff very friendly, attentive and helpful. Breakfast & Dinner - Good. We enjoy the lunch at Crossroad but didn't enjoy the Bhutanese dinner in a restaurant next to Norbuling.

Lobesa in Punakha - new, room is very spacious, but bathroom not very practical. The owner is such a wonderful man who has put in every effort to make our stay comfortable. D

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Wonderful people and stunning nature

Dear Sonam,

We had a fantastic trip to Bhutan. We were very fortunate to have great weather for our entire stay.

The flights in and out of Bhutan were great: food was good and the crew very friendly (they even allowed my wife and I to join our kids in Business Class during the last stretch).

We have provided a completed feedback form to Nim - our guide. Unfortunately, our original guide (Bull) was feeling unwell after our first day. We had Nim as a replacement for the remaining period. Nim was good: interacted well with our children, provided good information during our visits to the various sites, and was punctual and pleasant. His English was not as good as Bull's, but it was more than sufficient. Our driver, Karma, was excellent. Despite the difficult roads, he drove with confidence

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Definitely going back to Bhutan

Dear Sangay,

Overall, our guide and the driver are friendly. They are very accommodating to our requests and they are very willing to assist us in many ways. However, I didn't know our driver's name. I don't think he was properly introduced, and he didn't really speak a lot of English.

I would have loved to learn more of Bhutan's culture, history and language. I feel that there could be more introductions/explanations throughout the trip. I only managed to learn 'IHi" in Bhutanese from other travelers' driver.

In terms of food, I would love to try more of Bhutan's local cuisine. I feel that the food we have throughout the trip are more catered to tourist than the locals.

In regards to accommodation, the first two hotels were better in comparison.

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A pleasant time in Bhutan

Dear Sangay,

We had a wonderful time in Bhutan and our guide and driver went out of their way to fulfil each and every one of our requests.

They are also very knowledgeable about Bhutan’s culture, history, economy, religion etc. and we learned many interesting and new things. Please pass our regards to them again!

Our personal highlight was the Bumdra Trek – not only because we experienced the beautiful nature up close and were looked after extremely well by the guys who run the camp up on the mountain, but also because it was the place where Torsten asked me to marry him J You see, there is no way we will ever forget this trip as it was also something very special for our relationship.

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Enjoyable Bhutan experience through PhotoTreks

There are actually many things I like about this experience, but probably what I like most is the format of the tour: great balance of time for touring and learning about the place, people and food, time to get to know our group mates, and time allowed for individuals to shoot and explore on their own. Good honest critique definitely helps as we learn about each other's styles as well.

There's nothing really that I didn't like. I even liked the hike up to Tiger's Nest despite my initial apprehension about it, hahaha. Thanks Lester for convincing me to walk up and for your patience in waiting for us as we take our time to rest and enjoy the experience, but maybe we enjoyed it too much that it took us the whole day, hahaha!

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This trip was probably the best trip

Dear Sangay, Our trip was absolutely great! Bull was an excellent guide, and we were very happy with the whole Bhutan experience! I am in India now, struggelig to find decent wifi, when I do, I will share some photos! Best wishes, Anne Karin Helland

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The most fantastic trip anyone could ever wish

Dear Sangay,

Sorry to have taken so long to answer your email about our trip to Bhutan. I have been trying to get my pictures from camera, tablet and computer organized.

I don't have enough words to describe the beauty of Bhutan and its people. We had the most fantastic trip anyone could ever wish for with our guide, Norbhu, and our driver, Phup. They were so much fun and looked after every detail. We didn't want for a thing. Our accommodations were beautiful. We especially liked the Kichu Resort Wangdue it was so pretty being built in the trees with the river behind the resort. The Zhiwaling in Paro was beyond gorgeous. I took pictures but they don't do justice to its beauty.

The highlight of our eleven days was the climb to Takstang Monastery. I wasn't sure I could reach the monastery

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Will definitely go back to Bhutan again in future

Hi Sonam, Thank you for the email and we had an enjoyable trip. Bhutan is a very nice place with breathtaking views, interesting culture and friendly locals. Surprisingly the hotels and food were much better than what we expected before the trip. Our local guide Chencho Bull is very knowledgeable and we get to understand the culture & history in greater depth. Our local driver Namgay is very responsible and ensure we have a safe and comfortable journey while travelling. Both of them are very helpful and took great care of us throughout the trip. Lastly thanks for all the arrangement, we had a great time in Bhutan and will definitely go back again in future.

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