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Specialize in Sr Cultural Guide, St Trekking Guide

Lhawang has been a Bhutan guide for the past 8 years. He has been Druk Asia for the past 6 years and completed Snow Man Trek thrice. He has completed Jumolhari Trek more than 6 times. Being a guide has allowed him to travel widely through the friendships he has made with travelers. He just returned from a two month stay in Spain in 2012. He has also traveled to South East Asia.


Amazing Trip to An Amazing Country


What an amazing trip and what an amazing country

I can't thank you, Kammie and your Druk Asia team enough for a truly fantastic, renergizing Bhutan trip, one of the best journey's of my life (and I have travelled all over the world for years, like white water rafting in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, trekking in Nepal, sailing around the Australian great barrier reef etc, etc)

Not just for Bhutan's beauty, culture and history but also for the many unique, memorable and incredible experiences: my favorite were trekking up cliffs to get to a monastery, a nunnery and of course Tigers Nest, on all three occasions the visit coincided with mesmerizing Buddhist temple services and interaction with the monks / nuns / lamas, picnics in awesome locations leaving prayer

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Our First Bhutan Trip, A Truly Memorable One

We had a awesome time in Bhutan!

From the first contact with you and your agency we felt well taken care off. Appreciate your many patient and fast responses.
The whole trip went without a hitch and the hotels that you have chosen for us was all wonderful,especially Lobesa with the amazing view.

The only issue was the arranging the phajoding trek on the second day was not such a good idea. Our guide worry it is too soon for us to do such a high altitude climb so we switched to a less tedious Tango monk monastery. Visiting Bhutan in its monsoon period did ensure a lot of rain here and there that affected some of our plans. But no big impact overall and we still managed to visit a lot of sites and seeing Bhutan so green and misty more than made up for it.

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Efficient and Seamless Trip to Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

Thank you for your email. We would like certainly like to share our feedback about the trip from June 12-18 2016.

1. Pre-trip and booking process
The booking process with Druk Asia was easy, efficient and seamless. There was always quick communication between Druk Asia and us, our emails were answered within 24 hours. The travel tips given to us before the trip were very useful and clear, and we hardly had more questions after reading the travel tips.

2. Itinerary
The itinerary is very comprehensive and well-planned. The amount of activities planned per day was sufficient, if not, more than what was expected and it was great that it was 'overplanned' so that travelers who were quick had the option of seeing more, and those who preferred to take it slower could choose to take

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We had a fantastic visit and stay in Bhutan

Dear Sonam,

I had only 24 hours to re-pack my suitcase after our visit to India and Bhutan and flew to Paris from I returned yesterday…. so here I am now and make my quick report on our trip.

We had a fantastic visit/stay in your wonderful country and for this the maximum credit goes to you, Sonam and our wonderful guide…! You have made for us a 5-star program and this little chap with his intelligence, humour and affection made us feel like a royal member of the royal family.

Right from the beginning I felt that you are special – you are not just one of a dozen other tourist agencies, you are indeed special as treated us like your brothers and sisters and we were convinced from the very first minute that nothing can go wrong- and no wonder, nothing went wrong.

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Bhutan a beautiful country with beautiful people

Hi Sonam,

Sorry took me awhile to respond. Been busy catching up with my other life here in the US.

I had a great time considering the length of time I was there. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people. I was happy with my guide and driver. Very courteous people.

A little disappointed about not being able to make it to Punakha which Lhawang (my guide) explained was because of road closures/ blocks.

The accommodations were nice but certain things about the Metta resort and spa I have to mention. The electrical outlets were hard to find in the room and they have an automatic light up in the ceiling when power outages happen which is not conducive when you are already sleeping and the power goes off at or after midnight. Literally kept me awake.

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Bhutan is so beautiful and unspoilt


We had a GREAT time in BHUTAN ! Your country is so beautiful and unspoilt. I hope Bhutan will not be influenced or spoilt by outside world too much. Thank you again for arranging the trip for us. By the way, my legs cannot walk now... hahahaha... the Bumdra trek is very tough la. Hahaha. But the camping facilities up there is 5-star standard ! Even have beds, dining tent with proper chairs and table!

Oh yes... recovering well now. Today my legs are almost back to normal ! hahahaha... It is really worth the trek up, even though its hard for us. The camp site is a surprise! I have attached some pictures to show you and your future groups.

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Hike to the Takstang Monastery

Hi Miss Mindu Gyem, You are welcome! Attached please find our photos Thanks & Best Regards,

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An adventurous trip to Bhutan

Hi Sangay - We have all arrived home after an adventurous trip that included, besides Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Hong Kong. I just wanted to let you know that all went well in Bhutan and our guide Hawong was really nice and very informed. He took good care of us and went above and beyond when Ryan left his laptop on the plane when we arrived to Paro. Hawong did everything possible to locate the laptop and was successful in returning it to Ryan. We enjoyed Bhutan and were glad that it was included in our itinerary. The only concern that I would express is that 2 of us were sick when we arrived to Kathmandu. The cause was either the food on the plane from Paro or the boxed breakfast that was sent with us to the airport for our early morning departure. The stomach illness was sh

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Beautiful landscapes and people of Bhutan

Hi Sangay, Kuzuzangpo-la! We had a really good trip in Bhutan. Thank you very much for all your help in making the arrangements. Our guide Dodo was a wonderful host and took really good care of us. He even helped to carry my heavy camera bag on the long treks. Sonam, the driver was great too! We were constantly entertained by their stories and jokes. We love the beautiful landscapes and people of Bhutan. It is commendable that the Government of Bhutan is working hard to preserve these treasures of the Kingdom, something many of nations forget in their pursuit for modernisation. We thoroughly enjoyed this journey. I guess the only 2 advice I have other travellers is regarding meat. If you are a meat eater, be prepared. LOL. Secondly, toilet facilities are not readily available at all p

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The holiday was spectacular

Hi Sonam, The holiday was spectacular and the private guide was a very nice and cool guy, saw the touristic and the real Bhutan via him. Thanks for arranging this on such a short notice. I will be back for a trekking soon and will let you know this a bit more ahead than now.

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