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Bhutan a very cultural experience

Hi Sonam,

We wish to thank Druk Asia for the wonderful experience we had. It's our first visit to Bhutan and we enjoyed our trip very much. Our guide was Dorji and driver was Tenzin.

We find Dorji to be a very knowledgeable and caring guide. I was having motion sickness in most all of the bumpy car rides, he said I could sit in front if I want, and that really helped me a lot. I did not feel nauseous as much. When we have preference for other food, Dorji will give recommendations and take us to the restaurant. He will try to make our trip as comfortable as possible for us. Tenzin is also a careful and nice driver who always wear a smile on his face, and gives us water to keep us hydrated.

We enjoyed every sights that we were brought to from visiting the Dzongs. One of us was actually hoping to see the airplane fly pass us (same level as us as we are on the mountain). Fate really allow us to witness an airplane flying into the valley.. We were there at the right place, right time and our driver kindly stopped the car for us to enjoy the views. However, I'm sorry that we didn't get the chance to take nice pic of that.

One of the feed-backs we wish to highlight to you is that as some of the hotel rooms are too big, the rooms get too cold easily. Just hoping if they could improve on their heater systems in the room that would be great.

I guess the most memorable part of the trip is to visit Tiger's Nest. I never thought I could climb that high up in the mountains to visit the monastery. It was indeed a good experience. Dorji gave very good commentary of the place and explanation of what the drawings on the walls meant etc. It was a very cultural experience, and I will recommend all my friends to book their tour package thru Druk Asia if they wish to visit Bhutan.

Thanks Druk Asia for the wonderful experience.

Best Regards,
Ivy Ng