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Festival Date: 19th Apr 2019 - 21st Apr 2019
The point when you step out of Paro Airport, will be the start of the 7 Days Cultural Tour that gives you a complete idea of Bhutan.
From USD 1,249
Festival Date: 18th Sep 2018 - 20th Sep 2018
Discover the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and home to Buddhist monasteries in a 10-day tour of this Himalayan kingdom.
From USD 1,849
Festival Date: 14th Oct 2018 - 15th Oct 2018
The tour revolves around the green valley of Paro, the Bhutanese capital- Thimphu and the old capital – Punakha.
From USD 1,540
An overwhelming experience of Bhutan in just 5 days
From USD 840
Festival Date: 14th Mar 2019 - 16th Mar 2019
Traveling for the 8 Days Magical Bhutan Travel Plan will fell magically in love with Bhutan from East to West.
From USD 1,449
Festival Date: 15th Oct 2018 - 18th Oct 2018
Witness the art of paper making followed by a day trek to Tango Goemba and get to picnic by the river in one of the 11 Days.
From USD 2,049
For those who do note have the time, Take a quick tour and discover what is Bhutan
From USD 849
A journey of moral significance through 7 days pilgrimage tour in Bhutan.
From USD 1,249
Festival Date: 24th Aug 2018 - 27th Aug 2018
Travel on Bhutan's domestic flight will get you to Trashigang fast. In these 15 days tour, you will be given a complete tour of Bhutan.
From USD 3,549
There is so much to see in Thimphu, but you may only have a limited amount of time to visit all the sights while traveling through Bhutan’s capital. It is a small city, so you can see many of the local sites in one day.
From USD 135
Travel Date: 20th-26th December 2015. A Journey of spiritual immersion in Bhutan with Dr Karma Phuntsho, author of 'History of Bhutan'
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From USD 3,988
herworldPLUS travels to the mystical Bhutan. Follow our exquisite travelogue.
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From USD 6,450
The town of Paro takes you into a world of quintessential Buddhist traditions, art and culture in a country rightly called a land of magic, mystery and monasteries.
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From USD 200
The point when you step out of Paro Airport, will be the start of the 7 Days Honeymoon Tour that gives you a complete idea of Bhutan.
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From USD 1,249
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