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Low Cost Travel To Bhutan: Happiest Country on Earth

BY Joni Herison
Posted on 01/June/2017

One of the most happiest country on earth: Bhutan

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Ever wanted to travel to one of the happiest country on earth? A country that has one of the smallest population, a rich culture that would pique the interests of many. Get to experience a fulfilling getaway that would leave a lasting impression and get to take away something meaningful that not many would have the opportunity to. Everyone should at least take some time out to travel to Bhutan for at least once in their lifetime. The people in Bhutan are big fans of festivals and celebrations as these events are held to commemorate their deep histories and special occasions. Bhutanese depict their strong spiritual and mythological beliefs that are being passed down generations to generations through these events.

One of the more sought after festival that many attend would be the Paro Tshechu. People from all around the world would come together to partake in this special event to commemorate and honour Padma Sambhawa, who is known to inaugurate Tantric Buddhism back in the days. Bhutanese would be clad with traditional colourful masks where they will perform dances in their eye catching costumes and buddhist scripture readings would be chanted throughout the whole celebration. You will be one of the lucky ones to witness the unfolding of a huge thanka (cloth), a sacred scroll, an imagery that represents Padma Smabhawa and the rest of the buddhist gods. Decked in their vibrant, bright coloured garments which also consists of their national dress, making the whole festival a jovial one. 

One may be curious as to how much would you need for this Bhutan Travel Cost? It would typically start anywhere from USD 1,540 onwards to attend the Paro Tshechu Festival. This all-inclusive private tour package includes Visas for Bhutan, Airport Transfers, your 3 daily meals, a qualified and licensed English-speaking tour guide, an experienced driver, government fees, any other misc or ad-hoc fees, bottles of mineral water, rented traditional costumes and a full assistance for this trip before and after.

Please be aware the prices quoted earlier in the Bhutan travel cost does not include the air tickets via Drukair or any other flights to catch Drukair. if you wish to dine in at the local 4 or 5 star restaurants, you will have to fork out the extra expenses. It is a common practice to tip the guide and driver for going the extra mile or taking you around for these few days, hence this would be out from your own pocket. 

Drukasia wants to assure you that in terms of Visa approval there is yet any disappointed customers who have not been granted permission to travel into Bhutan. Hotels are handpicked personally as well. If you are still unsure about how much the overall Bhutan Travel cost would amount to, you may check with us directly via our hotline or simply fill in the contact form and we will reach you shortly.

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