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Why should you travel to Bhutan with Druk Asia

BY Joni Herison
Posted on 04/February/2021

If you are wondering which tour agency should I choose to travel with to Bhutan, look no further.

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1. Trusted tour agency
Druk Asia is a pioneer tour agency in Bhutan and also the largest tour operator in the Kingdom. With more than a decade of experience handling solo trips, private tours to unique corporate meetings, you can be assured that we will be able to provide you with the best recommendations based on your needs and interests. 


2. Your well-being and safety is our top priority
While global tourism ceased during the pandemic, we have been training our tour guides to implement safety protocols for all our tour groups. Our guides are skilled in safe travel management to help you navigate all the restrictions in Bhutan safely. Should you feel unwell anytime in the midst of your trip, safety protocols will be followed to ensure that your well-being and those of your travel buddies will be protected.

3. Customized travel itinerary
We understand that each traveller has different needs and interests, hence, we provide customization of itineraries based on your preferences. Whether you’re a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, an adventurous soul, or simply looking for an escapade, let our Travel Specialists know and they’ve got you covered. If you are celebrating a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, proposal, or wedding photoshoot, we’ll be able to arrange for the necessary.


4. Experienced tour guides and drivers
The team at Druk Asia knows Bhutan inside out. From the vibrant mythical history of Bhutan to the winding roads, you can trust our team to handle it. You can have a peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands when you’re travelling in Bhutan and focus on embracing the magic of Bhutan.

5. Free loan of traditional costumes
When you travel with Druk Asia, you’ll be provided with a set of traditional costumes, either the kira (for women) or gho (for men) upon your arrival. The set is for you to take a ton of beautiful OOTDs while you’re in the country. You can return it on your last day of the trip.


6. Guide who speaks foreign languages
Guide for the following languages are available: Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, Korean or Japanese. However, there will be an additional charge of USD150 per day. Please speak to your travel consultant should you require a guide who speaks those languages.

7. Giving back to Bhutanese society
Just like Bhutanese values of compassion, we believe in the value of giving back. Druk Asia pledges to donate SGD25 to any of our Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) partners for every feedback we receive from our travellers. You can choose to donate the money to any of the NPO partners of your choice.



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