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Updated on 17/October/2023

Elevation 1,070 meters

Set on a scenic hillside, Trashigang is the largest town in Bhutan's eastern region. It served as a base for tourists venturing into the surrounding areas and was once a bustling trade center for merchants looking to barter their goods in Tibet.

Bhutan’s largest river, the Dangmechu, flows through Trashigang. Dangmechu is a major tributary of the Manas River system that drains most of Eastern Bhutan into the Brahmaputra River in India. The river is suitable for white water rafting, with a grade of 4-5.

Travelers strolling in town will be delighted by a unique experience. Here, they might see the Brokpas, a semi-nomadic ethnic group from the villages of Merak and Sakteng in the extreme northeast. They have a distinctive attire, which differs from Bhutan's national dress, thus offering a special cultural feast.

Hotels in Trashigang include the Kyiling Lodge, considered the best in town with ten rooms; Druk Deothjung Hotel, with 12 twin rooms; Green Valley, with four rooms; and Ratna Samdrup Hotel.

The hotels also house the best restaurant--notably, the Druk Deothjung Hotel, which offers Bhutanese, Tibetan, Chinese and some Indian dishes. There are also several inexpensive roadside restaurants such as the Karmapa Restaurant, Tenzin Wangmo Restaurant and KST Restaurant. Pema Bakery sells bread rolls, cakes, potato chips, snacks and drinks. 


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