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What Makes Bhutanese So Unique?

Posted on 06/July/2021

Situated in South Asia, Bhutan is known for its Gross National Happiness philosophy. From their customs, languages to cuisines, Bhutan has a fascinating culture that draws visitors to it.

Let us uncover the habits and lifestyle which make Bhutan one of the happiest countries in the world.

Preservation and promotion of their culture
Cultural heritage is the most indispensable part of Bhutanese lives. With little external influence, they are still trying to preserve and promote their culture amidst modernisation. The majority of the Bhutanese practise Buddhism and conduct themselves based on Buddhist beliefs. They attend religious festivals and engage in spiritual activities to enhance their spirituality.

The Bhutanese government imposes a code of conduct, Driglam Namzha, that specifies the dress code and behaviours of Bhutanese. They strictly observe the rules in their daily conduct.

The balance between spirituality and materialism
Bhutanese believe that humans ought to have a balanced pursuit of spirituality and materialism. One should not neglect their spirituality by pursuing materialistic gains.

Thus, the majority of Bhutanese do not have a materialistic outlook on life. They will not have a fear of missing out even if they did not buy the latest gadgets or wear the latest designer item.

Bhutanese are generally very humble and feel content with what they have in life.

Affection with their environment
Tucked away in the Himalayas, Bhutan is surrounded by towering mountain peaks. Bhutanese view it as a privilege and take utmost care of the natural environment. There is no other country where you can find cleaner air as Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. Environment protection is part of the core domains under Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy.

Love for health and wellbeing
Bhutanese cuisine is superbly healthy. Most of the vegetables are organic and homegrown. In part, because the majority of the population is engaged in agriculture. Recently, the government has launched a Healthy Drukyul campaign to educate Bhutanese on healthy consumption.

Close-knitted community
Bhutan is like a small village of its own where everyone has only two degrees of separation. The Bhutanese are generally very warm, and people you can form lifelong friends with. When someone is in need of help, you can trust that Bhutanese will step forward to provide you with assistance.

Measurement of happiness
The government of Bhutan uses the Gross National Happiness (GNH) metrics to measure the country's development instead of GDP. The fourth king first announced the idea. He believes that happiness is equally, if not more important, than economic output. It's one of the world's most holistic philosophies to measure the development of a country, as well as its people's wellbeing.

Rich in biodiversity
Caring for the environment is a habit inculcated in the Bhutanese from a very young age. Children are constantly encouraged to plant trees, and to love their environment. In fact, Bhutan set a World's Guinness Record on 2 June 2015 for planting the most number of trees in one hour.

The country is known to be one of the world's last biodiversity hotspots. Bhutan is a world leader in environmental protection.

Chillies and Cheese lovers
Chillies and cheese are two common ingredients found in most Bhutanese food. Even the national dish is aptly called Ema Datshi (chilli cheese). No matter where you dine in Bhutan, you're bound to be fed chilli cheese in the meals. Bhutanese absolutely love their spicy food!

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