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Druk Asia Discovery - Nov 2021 Newsletter

Posted on 09/November/2021

The pandemic has disrupted our lives for too long. It's been more than one and a half years since Bhutan closed its borders for tourism. 

We are all experiencing COVID-19 fatigue. Many of us are eagerly waiting for the day where we can take flight again. To a place where it's safe, peaceful and refreshing. For a proper recharge and reset. 

Bhutan is definitely the best escapade one can get post-pandemic. Its quiet strength and natural charm will make it an ideal place for anybody to rejuvenate and relax after a stressful year. 

While we can't book our flight to Bhutan yet, we're thrilled to share with you that we have released our very own travel guidebook to Bhutan

And we're currently running a fundraising initiative to support various charities in Bhutan during this difficult period. Find out more information below if you'll like to support our humble initiative.

The guidebook will transport you to Bhutan and relive your memories of the good times if you'd been there. It'll also make a nice Christmas gift for your travel buddies to engage in some armchair travelling for now, until we can dust off our passports again.

Bhutan Travelog offers you exclusive first-hand experiences sharing by diverse travellers. Get to know about the myths and legends associated with the places of interest. Learn more about the Bhutanese culture and cuisine. Check out the most popular trekking routes. 

Being in the tourism industry, we understand how tough it is to stay afloat this season. But, our hearts go out to the many friends and partners in Bhutan whom we'll like to lend some support to. Thus, we are fundraising for some Bhutanese charities through the book sale. Simply click the button below to purchase the book and support any charity of your choice.

Support a Charity in Bhutan


Bhutan is leading in the vaccination race within the region.

On July 20, Bhutan held a week-long nationwide vaccination campaign, similar to the first drive held in March. To date, more than 95% of the eligible adult population and 65% of the total population are fully vaccinated. The numbers are expected to rise as the country continues to vaccinate children and rural communities. 

Healthcare workers walk on foot for hours to the remote areas to ensure that nobody is left behind. His Majesty the King is constantly touring every corner of the country, personally visiting vulnerable areas, to ensure that the people are protected. 

Leveraging on its strength in being a small country, Bhutan has shown that  it's possible to achieve a great feat with steadfast solidarity, support and preparation. 

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In Bhutan, artists use natural pigments to make paint for their art.

Painters use natural sources to make paint. For example, brown paint is made from walnut cover, yellow from marijuana, light green from mint, dark green from oak leaves, and orange from madder.

Painting is an old and cherished tradition in Bhutan. Nowadays, many painters use imported paint for their art, even on traditional thangkas. But it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, during a bygone era, painters used natural pigments like soil and plants to make natural dyes. Some also used holy water and medicinal plants. Unlike imported paint, natural sources were inexpensive.

Now, some artists have decided to return to the ways of their forefathers.

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Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu

Keep well and keep safe while the Kingdom awaits to welcome you.

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Planning to travel to Bhutan during a festival?

On popular dates of travel such as during festival time, flight tickets tend to get fully reserved 5 months prior. Due to limited flight and seats available, we recommend you to reserve your ticket as early as possible. You can reserve your ticket for free with us and plan your trip to Bhutan with a peace of mind knowing that you will have a spot on your flight to Bhutan.


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