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Find Me A Singaporean Season 4 - Bhutan

Updated on 14/December/2020

In July 2014, the production team of Find Me A Singaporean (FMAS) travelled to Bhutan to film an episode of the fourth season of FMAS. After some intensive research and planning, the team arrived in Bhutan on 18th July, They were met by Druk Asia's guide, Bull, and begin their week long adventure in this secluded kingdom.

Bull - You can call me Chencho Bull

"Bull, you can call me Chencho Bull!"

PPlaces that the team visited includes the famed Tiger's Nest and Buddha Point.

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Episode guide

Find Me a Singaporean visits 50-year-old Anne Tan, who has been a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor for ten years, she switched to Molecular Science when she was 28 years old. After quitting her job in 2013, she flew to Thimphu to volunteer at a primary school and started the second phase of her life. Belinda Lee finds out the real reason Bhutanese are the happiest people on Earth.

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About Find Me a Singaporean
These returning series continue hunting down ordinary Singaporeans living and working in faraway places all over the world. Their stories not only connected Singaporeans together but inspired local Singaporeans to contribute to society and communities, and to dare to dream the impossible.
First air on 18th December 2014

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